You are not allowed to PANIC..

I was happily sewing along.  Working on my March Schnibble, Round About.
I had all 100 pieces sewn together and ready to trim when…..UGH!  I sewed all but two in the WRONG direction.
I got my seam ripper to begin my task of unsewing….(I hate unsewing!!)  What a daunting task!  Rip out 100 pieces…UGH!
I began to tell myself “you are not allowed to PANIC”.    (yes, I do talk to myself when I sew)
Then I started looking at the pattern and tested a theory….Could it work?  Could it prevent me from having to rip out ALL of those seams?  Well….IT WORKED!
My blocks end up being left handed instead of right handed….but I am good with that. 

I always wanted to be left handed when I was a kid….I just loved the way lefties could crank their wrist around and write.  So lefty…here I come, at least for this quilt.

So now, I have two pieces to “unsew”….much better.  Good thing I didn’t PANIC.

3 thoughts on “You are not allowed to PANIC..”

  1. The schnibble monster must have been hiding somewhere in your sewing room! Me, I never would have thought of sewing it backwards…I’d still be unstitching!LOL Is that Hunky Dory yu’re using.

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