Yogurt Container Organization

Yesterday I was up early.   I was wanting to get a couple projects started…see, I had made a deal with myself that I wasn’t allowed to purchase any quilting goodies until I had at least started a couple of the projects that I already have going.  My oldest two girls and I had plans to go to Country Threads’ Big Event…of course I wanted to purchase something.  What’s the fun of going to a “Big Event” if I couldn’t purchase anything…

So I was up early.  I started two projects.  Here’s one of them.

I didn’t get time to glue the pieces down so I popped the pieces into empty yogurt containers until I had time to work on it again.  They worked perfectly.  I am hoping to get to them next week when things calm down.  Some calm stitching is really what I need!!  To see what other’s are stitching on, head over to Kathy’s Quilts.

Right now the kids are all home today and it’s a FULL house.  Hopefully once everyone is gone I can catch you up on some other events that have been going on here.  Right now, it seems all I am doing is cooking and washing dishes.

7 thoughts on “Yogurt Container Organization”

  1. Nifty – and what a great idea! Keeping track of little pieces like that can be a challenge! And, what fun to have another project underway. And, I can relate to the cooking-washing-dishes-(laundry!) thing of having a housefull!

  2. Thanks so much for your early morning posts! I love to read your blog and I’m up and off to work early. It’s so nice to have a glance share my coffee with you – I’m the quiet one…you’re the talker…lol So down to earth and real.. smile smile smile life is sooo good!

  3. Love the containers:) – Gotta love Country Threads. I tried to limit myself to only the sale fabric, which I did really well on. My big purchase was the ecolux light you showed us awhile back for my sewing machine. Can’t wait to try it out this weekend. Loved Kelli’s quilt – it’s even more beautiful in person. You are one lucky lady to be able to share this with your daughter.

  4. Great idea! What is the name of that pattern? I love it but can’t make out the name of it, I would like to make it before the holidays.

  5. All you have to add is sweep and scrub, sweep and scrub! How do they know to track dirt in on their shoes or spill juice or jelly out of the fridge right after I scrubbed the floor???? :)
    I am using strawberry containers to organize cut quilt pieces. But my favorite recycled container is thanks to my DH; he brings home the HUGE pretzel containers from Sam’s club, that I am currently using to house my strings by color family. They are clear, so it makes it easy to grab the string I want when sewing AND sort things when trimming down.

  6. I love any ideas that use what I have on hand already. I don’t have yogurt containers, but I do have other containers that would work for such a purpose. Thanks for the great idea!

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