Yesterday’s Walk: AKA-Close Encounters of the Animal Kind

Yesterday I took Gracie and our farm dog Pepper out on a walk.  I love walking the back field paths.  It’s typically peaceful and relaxing for me.  For Pepper and Gracie, it’s heaven.  They run and sniff and roll and dive in the creek plus there is a host of things to smell.

I had just put a new pedometer app on the phone and had stopped to manipulate it when I looked up and saw a HUGE bird in the sky.  Pepper even took notice of the bird and ran and jumped towards it.  The bird swooped and circled and swooped and circled some more.  It was just wonderful to watch.  As it swooped closer I got a better look at it.  It was huge and dark and after an even closer swoop, I realized it was a bald eagle.  I was marveling at as it continued to circle, amazed that there would be a bald eagle right here on the farm while I was walking.  It was amazing.

The bald eagle continued to circle and swoop and I stood there in awe watching.  Then I started to check the trees…maybe there was a nest…after all we are only a half hour from the “famous” bald eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa.  I looked to see where the eagle was swooping and circling…I didn’t see a nest.

The eagle continued to swoop and circle, swooping down lower each time.  I was still captivated, watching him flap and glide, circle and swoop when I realized that the bald eagle was probably hunting for food.  Then I looked out to see what it could possible be hunting.  That’s when I saw this….


I ran as fast I could towards Gracie….and what does Gracie do?  She runs further ahead of me!  I started flapping my arms and making a fool of myself trying to deter the eagle from thinking my dog looked like a fine meal.  The eagle swooped and circled again.  I continued flapping and yelling..Gracie of course didn’t pay any attention and just kept sniffing on up ahead of me.

The eagle then flew out towards the field and eventually away.

Maybe I am just paranoid after my son told me about a youtube video that shows an eagle taking down a deer, but I truly believe he had plans on catching Gracie.  She is only a 13″ beagle and a small one of those…A perfect size for a supper.

We continued to walk…it wasn’t long before we came across a woodchuck.  At that point, I decided that my heart had a big enough work out for the day and it was time to walk, run  hurry home.

10 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Walk: AKA-Close Encounters of the Animal Kind”

  1. Wow, that would have been enough cardio for one day. Gracie is so adorable it would not do that she become lunch. I have beagles and they are love wrapped in fur. Glad Gracie is safe with her family.

  2. I would have done the same thing you did. We have alot of hawks around here and I have seen them swoop down on a bird and a baby bunny. I have seen them fly around when my Penny (9 lb Shih-tzu) is outside. I don’t plan to have a bird take her for his lunch.

  3. Know what ya mean. We now have them also. I have seen them eating deer in the fields. Been seen taking up rabbits They do not only eat fish. We also have huge hawks. We brought the in/out cat inside full time because of the big birds and now coyotes! We had Sadie our lil beagle gal we lost in 2010. She was small and cute like your Gracie.

  4. I am so glad that you saw that the eagle was after your little dog – I live in the mountains where there are lots of eagles and I watch my little dog like a HAWK!!!
    Those birds are huge and can easily take down a small dog, whew!

  5. I live in an eagle area too…it was in our local paper that a nest was found with a bunch of dog/cat collars in it…Not a pleasant thought at all!! Glad Gracie is safe!

  6. You’re probably right about the eagle intending Gracie to be his next meal. My nephew’s young dog was grabbed by an eagle right in front of his house. The dog proved to be too heavy for the bird so was dropped when my nephew ran at the eagle swinging a stick and the bird wanted to get away. The dog was badly cut by the talons, but survived. Birds of prey aren’t real picky…..small dogs, cats, rabbits….they’ll try to get them all.

  7. Whew!! I am sure you are right; hawks in my *neighborhood* have made off with dogs, cats & new baby deer. I am glad you were so observant!
    Give Gracie a big hug for me!! <3

  8. I am glad Gracie is ok and unaware of the danger she was in. Keep an eye out for your chickens too. The bald eagles are probably feeding young and the chickens would also make a tasty meal. They are beautiful birds and much larger and more dangerous than people realize.

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