Yellow Roses Please

When it comes to roses…yellow are my favorite.  These from Kalissa on Valentines Day made me smile.


I used to think red ones were my favorite until one day as a teen I brought some yellow roses home for my mom for her birthday.  She started crying asking how I knew yellow were her favorite.  I didn’t know.

After talking with her she said yellow roses were always her favorite.  She had them on her wedding day.


Coincidentally Hubby’s mom had yellow roses on her wedding day too.  After know that two great women that I really admire preferred yellow roses, that became my preference too.

Red are pretty…all colors are pretty but yellow are my favorite.


I do have to say…as much as I do like yellow roses, I think my favorite flower is likely red tulips.  I think it’s more that they symbolize the start of the growing season that really makes me love them.

How about you?  What flower do you prefer?

15 thoughts on “Yellow Roses Please”

  1. I like most flowers, but carnations are my fav. they last a long time when I buy them. If I’m bubying myself flowers that’s what I get. But the ones I got for valentines day are still looking great.

  2. I love all flowers, but pink and red roses are my favorites. Jo, your mother is totally beautiful! And your father so very handsome. It is easy to see where you got your beauty from.

  3. Lilies are my favorite. I like the shape and the fact that Susan means lily or lotus flower.
    And because I’m a Texan, yellow roses are my preferred roses!

  4. How do you choose just one.
    I love them all, but my choice would be either lilacs or Lily of the valley.
    Happily, they both grow in my yard so I don’t have to choose.
    They may be a bit delayed this year though as they are buried under mounds of snow.

  5. I’m not really a rose person but if I bought them I would get white or yellow. I don’t like summer so I tend to like fall bloomers. I like coneflowers and black eyed susans together. Daisies are nice too. Sweet story and I love the pictures!

  6. ive always liked daisies as well as gerbera daisies. I think daisies are ‘happy’ flowers…at least they always make me smile!

  7. I love daffodils. They are the first flowers that bloom in my yard in the spring, sometimes as early as February. They aren’t fussy and come back year after year. Squirrels and rabbits don’t mess with them. Their little yellow blooms cheer me up and let me know warm weather is coming.

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