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A blog reader Pauline recently contacted me and asked if Kayla was still interested in yarn…She is.  She’s not super picky about what kind at all.  She’s gotten to a bit like me.  What she can’t use, she distributes out to those that can.  She is busy at her church’s mission work and works to help there.  She has said that there are ladies who want to knit or crochet.  They are older and are on a fixed income.  Buying supplies to make the hats and afghans that they need is hard with their fixed income.   Kayla doesn’t say anything…she just puts the yarn out for those who want to take.  In return those ladies create the needed items.

There were TWO boxes of goodies that came for Kayla…..


There are many who poo-poo Red Heart yarn but Kayla says there are lots of good things that can be made with it for babies.


She loved these wonderful colors of the Simply Soft.


Pauline the reader who sent this was downsizing.  That seems to be a trend.  Lots of people are wanting less and happily, there are people out there that can use some of it.

Pauline even thought of me….FABRIC!!

Thanks so much Pauline.  If anyone ever has yarn, Kayla will work to find a good home for it.  You can contact me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net for Kayla’s address or send it to me and I’ll get it to her.  Part of me is always sad to think that there would be anyone who wants yarn or fabric and doesn’t have any to use to create.  If that is ever you.  TELL ME.  I’ll find things for you.  Idle hands would drive me crazy!

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  1. Mom keeps really busy crafting and uses every single scrap of yarn. Last year she made scrappy little teddy bears and then started to make all her own cards with crocheted motifs personal to who the card was given to. She had neighbors give her leftovers and downsized yarn. Since she is in an over 55 (mostly over 70) complex, some have not been able to see or work their hands enough to continue.

    It is great to have a hobby. Hubby just discovered family history and is having a ball trying to track down our family history. One of my ancestors had a trading post in Senegal Africa in 1859. So interesting. So far we have ancestors in France, Scotland, and Ireland.

  2. Bety from Canada

    I don’t think the people who gets the articles that you make really care what brand of yarn or what color it is as long as it is warm. Also do you want a five year old having mittens that cost $30 to make come home from school with only one mitten. My mother-in-law couldn’t keep up with mittens she made for my 2 kids. Keep up the good work.

  3. I’m with you, Jo. So glad I like to sew, quilt, garden, read, cook, research family history, and spend time with others. There is always something to do and I am never bored! So nice to see others share their items with you so that others can benefit.

    You all take care.

  4. Jo,

    So glad you wrote this post! I am in the process of finishing an afghan I started 10-15 years ago and when I finish it is my goal to go through my yarn stash and downsize also. I’ll email for Kayla’s address soon (I hope).

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