Yard Sauce

If you’ve been reading the blog for a bit you know that I’ve been watching “Priscilla and Chelsea” on Floss tube on Youtube.  They are a mother/daughter duo who talks about cross stitch.  Well this week they had a video on “yard sauce” and how to make it.

From what I gathered, “yard sauce” is a roasted tomato sauce that can be used with pasta or Italian dishes.  The best part…no canning.  Only freezing.  So I thought I would give it a try.

No glamor shots for me.  Yes.  My kitchen was this messy when I dove in and gave it a try….

I needed tomatoes, peppers, onions, olive oil, salt, pepper and basil.  I didn’t have and couldn’t find basil so I settled with some that was freeze dried.

I cut up enough for four pans worth- tomato skins and all…see??

If you want to see the video that I watched to learn to make it, here it is….

Mine came out of the oven….

and after it cooled, I blended it just as they suggested.

Oh my.  I need some cream to mix with it and seriously, I could eat it just like this…in a roasted tomato basil soup.

I liked it so much I went back out to the garden and picked more tomatoes and three more pans went into the oven.

The batch on the bottom I played with.  I thought to make a little more like salsa.  I put jalapenos in it and tajin seasoning.  I drained off some of the liquid when it came out and use the immersion blender so it wouldn’t get so thin and is more like salsa.  We’ll see.  I’m an experimenter.

The result.  Karl like it but I spiced it too hot.  One jalapeno would have been plenty.  He’s planning on using it a mexican dish.  I love the idea.

I’m sure I’ll be making another batch or two as the tomatoes in the garden continue to produce.  I’m starting to think with this so good, I’m going to have to plant more tomatoes next year.  This sure beats canning tomatoes.  There’s still some hot in the kitchen but nothing like there is when I am canning.  If you have extra tomatoes, seriously, give it a try.

23 thoughts on “Yard Sauce”

  1. Looks delicious! I’ve never heard of that. You could mix the spicy batch with more tomatoes. Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m just laughing at the package marked ‘xxx’ like moonshine. You might repackage that in small amounts that you could add to more tomatoes Ora pot of chili in place of a can of tomatoes. That sort of thing.

  3. I do something similar to this, without the seasonings. I then use it throughout the winter for soups, chili, spaghetti and of course, Minnesota hotdish.

  4. Wow! That Yard Sauce looks soooo good. I don’t have many fresh tomatoes in my garden because it has been too hot and dry here but I want to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Boy does this look good. No space in the RV but I am going to pass this along to my dd who has a garden and have her save some for me for next year!

  6. Pat, could you share your Minnesota hotdish recipe? My hubby is from the Twin Cities and I would like to make it for him.

  7. I tried this yesterday and ended up with 8 quart freezer boxes of lovely sauce. This was so much easier than cooking the tomatoes on the stove top then running through the blender, putting into canning jars and then processing them. Thanks for the great idea! Hapy Stitching!

  8. I’m trying it in the crockpot today. It’s 100 degrees outside here in Sacramento so I didn’t want to turn on the oven. I’m not sure how long to cook it on high. POssibly 3-4 hours?

  9. That is the biggest thing I miss since we can’t physically garden anymore – home grown tomatoes. I know we can buy them various places, but nothing is like that home grown tomato right from the garden.

    Making sauce from them – yummy!!

  10. copied this last year when you posted it and going to try it this year but tomatoes have not produced and ripened enough at same time to make a batch.
    Will keep recipe and try again next year.

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