Working on the Sampler Wall

My goal has been to create a sampler wall.  I’m a big fan of floss tubers, Saltbox Stitcher and Brenda and the Serial Starter.  Both Carol and Brenda have walls covered with their samplers.  The moment I saw theirs, I knew I wanted one too.

So…creating a sampler wall has been my goal.  A long-term goal as I’m not the fastest stitcher.  I’m working on it though and am super happy with my progress.

I hung my cross Heaven and Nature piece.

I am aware that …my sampler wall is looking a little “off” and needs to be filled in.  It’s a work in progress.  I could hide these all away until I had the perfect balance…but nope.  I’m not doing that I’m enjoying them along the way.  After all, who knows how long it’s going to take me to stitch the other pieces I need to fill it in right.

This was I also get a little nudge to see what size of pieces I need to stitch so I can finish the wall.

My “A Changed World” is going in the frame to the left after I get that stitched and framed.  I’m so close so I decided to hang the frame.

On the upper right, I think I want to stitch this…

Forever and Ever from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I stitched a tiny bit on it last year.  I think I’m going to pull it out and see if it is the right size to fit there.

I have my Floral Motif Sampler at The Stitchery Nook and Liz will soon be working on framing it.  The frame is already in so I’m hoping in six weeks or so, I’ll get a call that it’s finished.  I’m so excited to get that back.

Can you see how my wall goes up and into a diagonal?  I can’t decide if the stitched pieces should go up into that space or not.  Opinions, please??!

I love all the vintage-looking frames.  Ahh…be still my heart.

I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I have into these projects.

This is the frame for A Changed World…

I need to find something to stitch and put in that small wood frame in the photo above.

This frame got hung even though I don’t have that piece even started.

I will be stitching Kathy Barrick’s Good Intentions.

I will continue to do a little fiddling with the Sampler Wall.  One of my kids asked me what I was going to do once the wall was filled.  That was an easy question…Find another wall.

Worst case, I will start to fill my upstairs hallway.  For now, I am not going to worry about it.  I have plenty to keep me busy just to get this one finished!

53 thoughts on “Working on the Sampler Wall”

  1. Love that, in the second picture you can see into your living room with the light and magnifier you use for stitching, ties it all together, if that makes any sense! Love your wall.

  2. I love your wall. I am a long time fan of your blog and you inspired me to start cross stitching again after many years of not cross stitching. I would love to learn how to cross stitch on linen but am pretty scared to try as my eyes might not like that fabric. Do you have any suggestions of a smaller project that I could try the linen fabric? Thank you

  3. Hi, Jo. I love your wall! I want to do this with antique quilt blocks and tatting and delicate crochet. I just need to quilt a bunch more and empty totes full of fabric in order to reclaim wall space! Someday!

  4. I LOVE your sampler wall!! Beautiful!! There is nothing that YOU cannot DO. And do it well!! I would love to have just a pinch of your energy! Over into the triangle wall: I would have to try it out. If you don’t like how it looks, you can just take it down.

  5. So lovely. All of them. And yes, I would fill in the angle – maybe with a couple of longer horizontal pieces, maybe a little like stair steps. I wonder if I will be able to ‘avoid’ buying the stitch kit when I am in Osage this week? Probably not, lol.

  6. Go all the way up the wall, Jo. It will look fantastic. Your wall and samplers are beautiful and such an inspiration. I am sure you will find small pieces that will fit perfectly.

  7. Your wall looks great! I like how you hung the empty frames – smart idea! That whole area looks real good – the way you have objects arranged on the cabinet, etc. You are good at decorating.

  8. On the angled piece of wall on the left, I would go as high as the highest piece on the main wall.

    I’m with you, enjoy the pieces NOW! Tomorrow is not promised as you know all to well. (A friend of mine who died 18m ago always said that).

    Happy stitching Jo :-)

  9. Jo, I love your sampler wall! And, I love that you are hanging them as you complete them… watching the collection grow is awesome!

  10. Wonderful sampler wall!
    I don’t think I would go into the triangle area, it will change the focus on your area. I readily admit I might be wrong! Just a thought!

  11. Beautiful work! Yes, hang each as you finish and appreciate them every day. I would continue hanging pieces into the angled area. I love the all furniture in this area!

  12. Beautiful work! Yes, hang each as you finish and appreciate them every day. I would continue hanging pieces into the angled area. I love the all furniture in this area!

  13. Looking good, Jo!! I would have to see about that angled area once the rest of the wall was loaded. It’s like choosing binding… I have to wrap the various options around the quilt’s edge and decide from there.

  14. Just lovely! If you get a chance, you should check out Susan Aches samples wall. Its all red and white. I believe she is yardgrl60 on IG. Its different, but beautiful.

  15. Your sampler wall is looking fantastic! I think Kathy Barrick’s Good Intentions will be a great addition.

  16. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    Your pictures are so beautiful! I am going to get started very soon! I would not go into the triangle part of your wall, but if you do I think your pictures are high enough now, just fill in those remaining spaces, and maybe a new wall.

  17. That looks great! I need to get my cross-stitched pieces hung; maybe this will motivate me to get busy!
    I like that “Good Intentions” one – kind of sums up some of my life… LOL!

  18. Jo, I chuckled out loud when I read your response to your kids’ question about running out of wall space. I would have answered it the same as you! My 2 cents about the diagonal wall is- it depends on how far to the ceiling you intend to go otherwise. If you do go up to the ceiling then yes I would say put some on the diagonal too. Otherwise if you are going to stop hanging about where things are now (height wise) then I wouldn’t put anything in that diagonal space.

  19. Don’t think I’d got into the diagonal area, but I’d definitely go around the corner and include that narrow wall between the corner and window, and add another narrow piece above the light switch when you have one stitched. Very interesting, very “you”.

  20. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, either a triangle frame or 3 smallish pieces in that area the whole idea is to do what you want. You do have the corner narrow wall to play with too.

  21. Like everyone else, I love your wall. I do have a question tho – what is the piece on the right hand side with the Bible verse from John 16 – “overcome the world” – who designed that? I love it and it would fit right into the RV!
    Thank you for sharing your wall with us – it truly inspires us!
    Love and prayers

  22. Having (and enjoying) the finished ones out and those “future frames” hung or empty spaces is the best motivation for getting to and finishing that next project! I could see a small cross stitch plaque that says “NEXT!” placed in the empty frame or spot! Maybe fill the upper triangle with some 3-D cross stitch strawberries?

  23. Do you worry at all about the sunlight fading your projects? As someone who stitches, I get nervous looking at your wall because I know how much time and energy you’ve put into those pieces. And, I know I would be sick if the sunlight faded them.

  24. Love your sampler wall! Your beautiful stitching has inspired me to start some samplers of my own…and on linen…something totally new to me. I was wondering what the name of the pattern is for the narrow piece on the right side of your wall that says in part “In the world you will have trouble”. I tried searching your older blog posts for cross stitching and couldn’t find it. If you can share that information, it would be greatly appreciated. I have followed your blog for several years, and it is always a bright spot in my day. Thanks in advance.

  25. Your wall is shaped similarly to my stairway wall. I have a mix of different pieces on the wall. The whole wall is getting filled and I love it. I would suggest you fill the triangle, but scale the designs appropriately so they will be visible at that distance.

  26. Thank you so much, Jo! I just ordered the pattern and can hardly wait to get it kitted. Have a great rest of the day!

  27. I just LOVE your sampler wall Jo. I have some finishes but haven’t had them framed yet. Can’t wait. And like you, I plan to start putting them up as I finish them so I can enjoy them. I also have the Good Intentions chart and it is on my “soon” radar. I would love it if you would share your linen choice for it. I find choosing linen is my hang up. I am fairly new to 36 and 40 count and I’m hooked. Thank you for sharing all of your projects with us.

  28. I think your sampler wall looks fantastic! I, too, would put them up as you finish them. And I would not hesitate to keep Heaven and Nature out all year. I have two that lean more Christmas-y than that (Tis the Season by Blackbird and Peace on Earth by Cottage Garden Samplings) that I hang in my bedroom from March until after Thanksgiving when they go out with the Christmas decor. I love to look at them all year.

  29. Oh Jo I love your wall of needlework. This makes you home look unique and reflects your interests and talents. It’s really beautiful!

  30. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Your vignette looks as though it has been professionally curated to display antiques in a museum – so wonderfully interesting and beautiful! Love your gallery wall of cross-stitch beauties that go so well with your magnificent antiques!

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