Working on the Laundry Room

When we bought the house there was an old back entry way.  In the entry way the previous owners had a washer and dryer and above it was an old cupboard.  Before we tore the old part of the house off we saved the washer and dryer to use as a second set in the basement for Hubby’s chore clothes and saved the cupboard above it to put in our laundry room on the main floor. Last week I told Hubby that it was time to get that cupboard out of storage and get it hung.  He agreed as he was sick of hearing me continually asking for a cabinet in the laundry room.

After it got pulled out hubby came in and informed me that I was out of luck.  The cupboard was too big.  UGH. We went out to the garage and measure and talked and measured and talked some more.  We really didn’t have a different spot to put the cupboard and we hated to not use it.  We’re very much “make due or do without” people so we needed to figure out how to make due.  Hubby’s idea was to cut the cupboard down and have it not be the entire width of wall where we wanted it.  My idea was to have two full sized doors and one half door that was cut down.


He said…nope.  He didn’t like that idea.  Then I reminded him that we needed a cabinet.  This is what we had and if a person looks at all the primitive old antiques many of them had half doors or drawers in awkward places.  Let’s just go with it I told him.   After a day or so he decided it wasn’t a terrible idea and in reality it really wouldn’t be much more fixing my way than his idea of just making a 4 foot cupboard with only two door that didn’t fit the whole width of the room.  Wednesday night he finished work on it….Thursday I painted…but I ended up with my own set of problems. I wanted to chalk paint it with graphite colored paint…only problem, there wasn’t much left in the can.  I reminded myself that I was a “make do” gal so somehow I needed to figure it out.  I didn’t want to buy another can of paint nor did I want to travel the hour each way I would need to travel to get it.

The cupboard was originally a dark blue grey similar to graphite.  I decided that I would paint the un-painted parts of the piece first hoping that my paint would last.

It did.  So after the un-painted parts were painted I lightly swished the brush here and there over the already painted parts.  The two paints colors were close but not the same.

After the paint dried I put on a coat of clear wax and then dark wax.

Then it was time to hang it.  I have to say…I just love that Kalissa lives in town.  I called her asking for help and she came right over.


In no time flat, Hubby had them hanging which was a good thing as they were really awkward to hold up.

Next problem….Putting the cupboard in really dinged up the wall.  Hubby thought I would have to re-paint but I didn’t.

A little soap and water an it was all good.

Next up the fun part…putting the stuff inside and emptying another box!!


My laundry detergent bottle is too big to fit in the cabinet.  I’ll be on the hunt for something smaller.  I make my own homemade laundry detergent  and what I have I just refill with the homemade.  I’d really prefer not to have the jug sitting out especially when there is plenty of room in the cabinet.

Having the smaller door to the left doesn’t bother me a drop…to me it just looks like more of a primitive piece than ever before.  Would it bother you or would you rather have had only the two large doors with a space on both sides.

Currently with is our only painted piece item in the house.  I thought about stripping it but the nightmare of cleaning those bead board slats had me rethinking that in a fast hurry.

Someday, if I ever make it big…I think I am going to over rule Hubby and purchase a matching set of washer and dryer.  He just throws a hissy fit anytime I even suggest it….oh well, I guess there are worse things.

For now I’m just going to be thankful that the cabinet is up and in place and it costs up virtually nothing but our time.  Way too often I take Hubby and his wood work ability for granted.  I really am blessed to have him.

30 thoughts on “Working on the Laundry Room”

  1. Your clever hubby might be able to cut the shelf in the small cupboard on the left so you can fit your detergent bottle in?
    I’m loving all your pics, and have been following your house remodel, it’s looking great!

  2. I love the cabinet in your laundry room. The two big and one small door looks fine. The color is great. I’m tall so I may of installed the cabinet higher and put a hanging rod underneath. Would you share your homemade laundry detergent “recipe?” I love the home updates.

  3. You are truly blessed to have a handy hubby! And I acknowledge the great job you do to get these things finished/ painted beforehand. I am loving the posts about your house. !

  4. Great cupboards, nice paint job and lucky you with a hubby so practical. Possibly “less is more” with the stuff on top.

  5. I think that cabinet looks fine and custom just like our older generation would do it. Remember nothing was ever “standard”. Love the reuse, use it up and make do attitude. Wish more people had it and did not throw out good stuff.

    A woman I sat with at retreat said the contractor for her old grandfather’s house tore out all the chesnut wood work because it was “too hard to work around”. It could have lasted another 100 years and they could even have sold it or given it away instead of throwing it in a pile in the yard.

  6. Great job on the cabinet. I would have done the same thing — if I had your imagination! A matched set W/D will only be matched till one of them wears out long before the other …..

  7. Jo, I love the cupboard as is. The little door reminds me of a secret treasure… some little treat may be hidden in there! Great job on the house.

  8. It looks AWESOME !! Your idea was way better than hubby’s !! I think you have made it “big” and I’m happy for you and all you’ve accomplished !!

  9. If you had not said the door was cut in half then I would have thought that’s how it should be. Your hubby did a great job, I like the colour of the paint and I love how your house is coming together, bit by bit – you must be feeling so proud :)

  10. I like the cabinet just like it is. My husband is a farmer and we are “make do” people too. But he doesn’t have your husband’s knack for refurbishing furniture and doing finish work indoors. So you are really blessed there. I’m loving seeing how your new home is coming together.

  11. My idea of a matching washer and dryer are if they are both white. Love the laundry cabinet and your blog. GREAT house and all the better because you did it yourself so it already as so many personal memories.

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day Jo,
    You did a great job picking out your “master craftsman”! The cabinet is indeed wonderful and so original.

  13. Love to see you reusing the cabinets and your solution worked great. I like watching renovation shows on tv and I cringe every time I see the demolition crew take sledgehammers and destroy things instead of taking the time to take things out so they can be reused somewhere else.

  14. I am with your husband on that one – I don’t understand why washer and dryers have to match. I really like the cupboard, especially that third door.

  15. White is white so your washer & dryer are a matched set to me and I think the custom cupboard is wonderful & functional ~ so necessary for a working laundry room!! Another check on storage completed for your home, Jo! I am so impressed at your & hubbies progress!

  16. if you hadn’t mentioned that one door wSs smaller than the other, I never would have noticed it. I gave really enjoyed reading your purchase and home renovations. Can’t wait to see it fully completed

  17. love the way it turned out. in my laundry room I have a large glass jar I bought at Walmart for my detergent. it was $10 I think. I have a smaller one to put in the oxy clean. then a cute little bottle with a stopper for my downy. they sit on my dryer. looks cute, and very accessible. hugs…

  18. The cabinet is great, just the way it is and if it suits you, then no one else matters, it’s your house and your laundry room.
    Reading the way you and your hubby talk is just like being there with you guys. So much fun to read your blog.

  19. The doors look perfect! I love that they aren’t a perfect match and I would hate to have “dead” areas on the side. Please do share your recipe for laundry soap!! I also love that you painted them – they look so cool!!!

  20. I love the cabinet! I love painted wood. I’m not a stain girl ;c) What about a glass lemonade dispenser with spigot for your soap? Just Google it to see. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Would be cute on the dryer if you had to leave it out!

  21. love the cabinet. It looks great over the washer/dryer.
    We have found that Mr Clean Magic Eraser will clean lots of thing off the wall.

  22. Jo, I like the cabinet as is. If you had two doors with blank space on each side you would have two dark corners where things could hide and if something was in the corner space that you needed you would have to remove another item to get it out of the cabinet. Love your house.

  23. I really like the cupboard and who cares if your washer and dryer don’t match! They work and that’s why you have them. The cupboard does it’s job too plus it’s pretty. What more could you ask for? I have followed your blog for a long time and I have to commend you and the rest of the family for using what you have. It looks soooo nice and you are soooo happy! When my husband was alive, he could make anything or repair anything. There are very few out there like that so take good care of him too.

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