Working on the House

We had a busy weekend.  Sunday was “work on the house day”….well actually Hubby worked on the garage and thankfully had some help so it went much easier than expected.  When last I told about the garage move, the garage had been removed from it’s original spot.  (Follow this link if you missed that.)

Then a new slab of cement was poured for the garage to set on.


Last week Hubby attached some 4 x 4 boards to the cement so it was all ready to hold the garage.

He brought the tractor into town, hooked it up the wagon holding the garage and backed it onto the pad.  I don’t know about you but I am HORRIBLE at backing up…I don’t even try if anything is attached.  This had to be backed on perfectly.


About this time we had two neighbors unexpectedly show up to help.  Ya-hoo!!  Hubby had planned that this job would take the entire day as he only planned on working with me and Kalissa’s boyfriend Craig.  With the extra help it went quick.  We’re lucky to have good neighbors.

They reversed the process that they did for lifting the garage and set it down just were it need to go.  Then they attached it to the boards on the cement.  The garage took a quarter turn.  It used to sit with the drive in garage doors facing east.  Now they face south.  Right where our gray pick up is the alley that goes behind our property.


We took a little time and mapped out where the house addition will be and where the attached garage will be.  The garden will be in the foreground of the picture way to the right.

When we first bought the adjoining lot that had this garage on it Hubby suggested we just tear down the garage.  I asked it we could save it.  He scoffed.  So far, the garage relocation has cost us about $1800.  I think that it was well worth the time to move it and the cost of the cement work.

After the garage got moved our help left and I quit working in the house and came out to help Hubby.  We started trying to put the garage door pieces back together and in place.  Then we had more company come by and check out our progress….

By the time they left it was 7:30 and we lost our steam for working.  It was a long day but Hubby came home extra happy and being we had guy friends helping Hubby in the garage, I could get some work done in the house.  Stop back tomorrow and I’ll show you what I was up to.

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