Working in the Garage

You might remember I went to that junk sale about two weeks ago and bought these two pieces.  My goal with them was to possibly use them a bit like a dough bowl with some decor and cross-stitch pillows in them.

They were okay as is but I was hoping with a little bit of elbow grease I could spruce them up just a bit.  Here they are as is…

I didn’t want them overly clean and nice…just a happy medium…somewhere between antique and primitive.  A little bit prim but a little more polished.  I love Old English No Scent Scratch Cover Polish Dark Wood.  It is my go-to product for sprucing up any wood.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.

It is really easy to use…after the wood is clean and ready, simply wipe it on.  Here is how my first piece looked after the updo.

The solution will soak in and it won’t be quite as shiny after completely drying.  This also isn’t stinky like varnish.

The box had some paint on it so that took a little more cleaning.  I scrapped the paint and sanded the ground in dirt off of it.  Then the same Old English No Scent Scratch Cover Polish Dark Wood to the rescue.  I love how this turned out.  This is exactly what I envisioned.  This piece had a little bit of varnish left on it so it didn’t take the stain like the other piece.  Also, this was pine…the other was oak wood.  

I’ve really learned over the years that each wood accepts stain differently.  It is always important to try the stain in an inconspicuous spot.  I usually do it on the bottom of a piece.

While I was in the garage I did one more piece.  This old sewing box.  Kelli passed it along when we were cleaning her house.  She said I could have it…I really don’t need another but I still took it.

You can see it needed a cleaning and updo.

Here it is now.  MUCH better.  It only took about 5 minutes.

Again, the same Old English No Scent Scratch Cover Polish Dark Wood to the rescue.  I love that stuff.

Here is how they all look after a day of drying…

I’m super happy with them all.  I don’t have a spot figured out for them yet but hopefully soon.  When I do, I’ll be sure to share.


11 thoughts on “Working in the Garage”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Lovely pieces. Thanks for the rcommend on old English polish. My husband band ha a 12 inch by b 24 inch cedar sewing by made for me. Over 30 years ago. It was a lifesaver for having enough storage space for my sewing supplies. I still keep it pretty full even though I have a big corner desk with lots of storage space. I love the fragrance of cedar.

  2. It’s a good product & comes in dark & light. I wipe it on my window sills twice a year because sun makes the wood look dry.

  3. I love them , they turned out great . I bought some old English dark the last time you talked about it . I use the regular on my kitchen cabinets .

  4. Do you do any cleaning to the pieces before you use the polish? So many of the pieces I find are soiled and I am never sure how to clean the wood first.

  5. All three turned out perfectly! They certainly will look cute when you find the right spots and put little “pillows” or such in them. Hope to see them later. I like Old English too and often mix with tung oil on baskets I have made.

  6. I love how each of your wood pieces turned out. I have a soft spot for those types of boxes/totes too. Just a question. Does the Old English soak in enough that you don’t have to worry about it staining your beautiful cross stitch pieces? I am impressed that you thought outside the “dough bowl” and went for boxes!! You inspired me to do something similar.

  7. Your pieces turned out sooo good
    I also use the same polish and have loved it for all kinds of things. I’m looking forward to to seeing how you use these in your home. I know they will look fabulous.

  8. All three of your pieces turned out great! And thanks for telling us about the no scent Old English. I had not heard about it, but will definitely be getting some!

  9. My grandmother had a sewing box like yours. They must have been sold throughout the central US. She only lived in NE and CO. Brings back memories.

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