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Sunday was work day at the house in town.  I already told you yesterday about what the guys were busy with.  Today I’ll tell you what I was up to.

First up was a little hole patching.  The people who previously lived here had switches in odd places and plug ins half way up the walls rather than towards the floor.  Those have been removed with the new wiring leaving quite a few holes to patch.  That’s been my job.

I have the mesh and the first layer of mud on.  Later this week I’ll be back to sand and add more mud.


Old houses always have their little oddities.  Ours is no different.  In our bedroom along the wall where we want to put our bed is a small access door to storage.  We debated about closing it up but decided that we want to keep it.  This is wall in the master bedroom to the south.  You can see one of those high plug ins to the left that still needs to be removed.  We took out a big built in closet some time ago.  Now we plan to move the door  about two feet over to the right.  That way our bed can fit to the left of the door.  This wall will be re sheet rocked once the door is moved….the ceiling is going to be redone too. 

Personally I was on the side of eliminating the storage but Hubby thinks I’ll want it later and it’s not something I have that strong of an opinion on so I’m letting him have his way and moving the door.  The storage isn’t that great but I can see stashing away my off season clothes in it.

The door trim is all removed and ready for the next step.

I am not a huge fan of our closet situation.  The master closet is small and made smaller because of the position of the chimney.  The small bedroom however has a big closet.


I want to change that.  I want to remove the shared closet wall and move it two feet to make the master closet bigger.

Hubby told me it was something that we could do a year or two down the road but I wanted it done before we move in.  Sunday while he was out with all the men working on getting the garage into place I said, “Hey Honey, care it I take that closet wall out?”  Well everyone was there.  He didn’t have time to discuss it so he just said, “Whatever”.  I took that as a sign that I could.  (Yes I know I took advantage to get my way).

It will be more like the drawing below.


Well Kalissa and I grabbed hammers and crow bars and ran to take the wall out before he could change his mind.

The wall is out and it’s too late for him to object now.  I admit…I do that once in awhile…take advantage of him….It’s all for a good cause and in the end, I don’t think he really cares.

Well I have one more time patch and then sand then one of the bedrooms will be ready to paint…now comes time to decide what colors I want to paint…hmmmm.  Any suggestions??

8 thoughts on “Working at the House”

  1. On the closets……..When I was a kid……oh, 6 or 7 the neighbors house had closets set up like yours but there was no middle wall to separate them…….at that age I thought it was fun.
    Color? Good question. I have no suggestions on that one. I’m in love with my yellows…

  2. My opinion is to do as much as possible of the remodeling now, while you have lots of help and no one is bothered by the dust and mess. Why put off what you can so easily do today?
    Besides, you probably won’t want to make changes once the house is finished and you are moved in. More remodeling just won’t seem thrilling any more.

  3. I agree with Ruth, do anything you want done now. Once you move in you will be so tired of remodeling and it most likely with never get done or be years in the making! I love seeing the progress on the house. Thanks for the update.

  4. Jo,
    I can’t tell from the drawing if the two double door openings in the smaller bedrooms are closets…if so, I would take the entire space for the master closet.

  5. Colors: paint thoe ones that play best with your favorite quilts…and that you won’t be tired of in a short time.

  6. You’re going to love that extra room in your closet. I picked a light sage green for one of our bedrooms. I really loved sitting in that room. I’d find myself looking at the walls a lot. We used a light yellow for the rest of the house. Thanks for sharing the progress on the house.

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