Work with the Rescue-Can you help too?

I’ve not written much here on the blog about the animal rescue (HEART Animal Rescue) that I volunteer with. Being I haven’t had dog stories or posted pictures I was thinking that maybe you thought I wasn’t volunteering anymore. WRONG!

I’m still busy. I’m just busy in a different way.

With my doctor appointments for my cancer, we didn’t want me to have any dogs and then be gone for long hours so we pulled me off the foster list. Of course, this was sad for me but it was the right thing.

I’ve still tried hard to be active though. Lately, my job has moved to doing background checks and calling references for people applying for dogs and cats. I don’t mind doing it and it is a job that needs to be done.

This little group of Bichon/Toy Poodles (Poochons) recently came into our care. There were three. All boys.

They were just as cute as can be and WOW…did we ever have a lot of applications for them!!

The applications were split between several volunteers. I, myself, went through six applications for them!! Considering applications can take 30-45

This is their momma. She’s a Bichon. This was her at intake.

We had her groomed and cleaned up. Under the hair, we found a skin condition that she is being treated for.

Can you believe she is the same dog??

I don’t know if she has a home yet or not. I think they were waiting to officially list her until her skin gets a little better. Poor Girl.

The next thing I want to work on for the rescue is items for our fundraiser called a Pawction. So far, I’ve done fairly well. I finished two tops with dogs that a wonderful blog reader sent me. The Cresco Ladies donated two cat quilts. (a blog reader donated another cat quilt top but I’ll save that for the next event. I don’t want to flood the market with quilts) I talked with my boss at the vet office and they put together a basket.

I really have a goal of putting another basket together as well. I want it to be a gift card basket. I think it would be fun to just have a small basket and mostly just fill it with gift cards.

I was hoping maybe some of you who are supporters of animal rescue groups might like to help. All you need to do is send me a gift card for any amount to any big chain store. It can be to Walmart, Target, Old Navy type stores, Amazon or any restaurant that is nationally known. It just has to be to a place that anyone in the Tri-state area of Iowa, Minnesota, or Wisconsin would have access to.

If you don’t have time to get a gift card, that’s totally okay. You can send money and I will buy gift cards in your name and add them to the basket.

Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated…I’d be thrilled with a $5 donation. I’d add it to others to make a $25 gift card amount.

I thought it would be fun to collect all the cards, put them in a basket, and auction them off. I’m sure it would be a great seller…and how fun would it be to have a basket there donated by the Jo’s Country Junction blog readers? The action happens Nov. 23 – Dec. 3 so we need to get the gift cards and send them to me by November 10th so I can get the basket together and to the volunteers coordinating the auction. I’m so excited for this!!

Here is my address:
Jo Kramer
111 2nd Ave NE
Waucoma, IA 52171

The funds for this auction pay all of the vet bills (they are high), get supplies for volunteers, and help cover mileage for volunteers. It is very needed as this is our big fundraiser of the year and we always do really well but as you know, everything costs more money nowadays.

I thought all the donors might have fun watching the auction and seeing how the basket does on the auction. I’ll tell you more about that as the basket comes together.

Working with the rescue group is so important to me. I can see all the good it does for the animals and for the people who get the animals. I hope you will help me support this worthy cause. THANKS SO MUCH!!

10 thoughts on “Work with the Rescue-Can you help too?”

  1. I can see why the rescue was bombarded with applications to adopt those darling puppies! My husband (so that includes me) is “fostering” two Bichons whose owner died and owner’s hubby didn’t want to be tied down with dogs. We have had them three weeks and still adjusting – them to us and us to them. They are older 8 and 10 years, so it had to have been traumatic for them to have their world change so drastically. So glad you can still be a part of the dog rescue.

  2. Ana Marie Sweet

    You are doing a great thing. There are volunteer opportunities for everyone and it just takes some looking around.

  3. Barbara Fairfax

    I’ll send two Amazon gift cards as soon as they come in the mail. So glad to be able to help you with such a worthy cause.

  4. Jo, I have a couple of dog and cat themed lap quilt tops (and the backing and binding for them). I wonder if they would work as an auction item. I’m not capable of doing the long arm quilting, but would be happy to donate them if you or someone else can quilt them.

    1. They would be great for next year’s auction. I’d love to finish them!! Thanks for thinking of me. Here is my address:
      Jo Kramer
      111 2nd Ave NE
      Waucome, IA 52171

      1. Shelley Freeman

        Thanks, Jo, I’ll send them. I hope they make you smile, they’re pretty silly. If you think they won’t work for the shelter fundraising – they’d be great community quilts.

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