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I told you a bit ago that Hubby has been really busy in the garage working on the wood work for the kitchen.  Well over the weekend one of my childcare dads, Luke Bouska, who is a carpenter came over and installed a lot of it.

For the last year we’ve lived here, we’ve been missing woodwork in the kitchen.


I have not been a fan of the kitchen window.  When our carpenter measured for the windows he anticipated shorter ceilings and the  the window fitting better into the window space of the cupboards.  I ended up with that ugly white area above the window over the sink.


The archway between the kitchen and dining room has had no trim either.  It really didn’t bother me as I knew no other way…

Then Luke came and look at this!!
The space above the window is covered up.  It now looks that it was part of the cabinet design.  I love it!


He made a piece that covers the light and it decorative but not fancy.  I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve decided that this window won’t get a curtain.


Here’s the door into the laundry room.  I have not idea what’s up with my camera as the walls are not green.  The walls are the same color as the kitchen.  Isn’t the trim great!?!


This is the back door that goes into the garage.  This is the door most used to come into the house.  The hooks are all filled with childcare coats.  I sure wish I didn’t have to keep all the posters and notices on the door.  Unfortunately that’s part of the registration process.


Here’s the opening into the dining room.  I am in love.  Luke did an awesome job and so did Hubby with all his work.


We opted to put up the chair rail.  We were starting to get some dings in the wall where the kitchen chairs would push back into the wall.

How awesome is it that Luke was willing to work on the weekend to do this for us?  I didn’t have to take off any childcare time to have the work done.  I really appreciated that.  Luke was great to work with.  He would always be asking did we want this or did we want that.  It’s always good to feel like the decisions are ours.  I highly recommend Luke.  He did wonderful work.  We have him scheduled to be coming back in a bit to do the laundry room and the bathroom on the main floor.  I hope it’s not too long as he leveled off the sheet rock in the bathroom where the trim will go and all day the kiddos have been picking at it whenever they go into the bathroom making a mess.

Hubby and I were talking.  We are so happy that this didn’t happen when we moved in.  We are really able to appreciate it so much more by having to work to make it happen.  I just can’t believe the change it’s made in the house.  This morning when my little 22 month old childcare kiddo came in she kept yelling “Jo!” and then she would pet the woodwork.  I think that was her way of saying she liked it.  It was so sweet.  If I was completely honest I’d admit to petting the woodwork too!!

The sad thing now is that this trim is up and looking so good, we can see that we really need to work on the trim in the old part of the house.  That’s okay.  Little by little it will all get done.

I know I’m in love.  I never knew I could like the house more than I already did!!  Now I’m off to get the rest of the things that got displaced put back away.

6 thoughts on “Work on the Kitchen”

  1. Looks great – I love the tops of the doorways, with those old-fashioned square pieces. I know there is a name for them, but I can’t remember what it is.

    I have an idea about those notices. What if you got a bulletin board, and added all the notices to the bulletin board. Maybe you could attach the bulletin board with some of those 3M peel away hooks – then you could take it down easily.

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