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Over Christmas break we were able to get some more work done at the house.  Since then, we’ve slowed a little.  We are trying to conserve some money by not heating it to room temperature and are hoping that we can hit it hard once the electricians get the electrical work done because honestly, right now, there isn’t a lot to do until we heat it to regular temps and the the electrical work is finished.

Here’s what we have been working on….

Craig, Kalissa’s boyfriend, and Karl have been working on pulling up the flooring in the sunroom and upstairs bathroom.  It all has fir flooring in it and we are trying to save it all.  We want the new addition to have fir flooring like is what in the part of the house we are keeping.  We are hoping that the same flooring will help the new addition flow with the old part better.  Craig and Karl have a system down.  Typically Craig does the pulling up of the boards….


and Karl pulls all the nails out and get the boards down to ground level.  It’s tricky because as the boards get pulled there is no place to stand.


We found out that Craig’s parents have an old farm house that they are tearing down and it too has fir flooring.  We are hoping before the addition gets on the house to get over there and pull that up too.

While the boys were doing that, Kalissa was busy scrapping off the old wall paper that is in one corner of my bedroom.


I was working on the walls.  The previous tenants just pounded nails in and painted over them.  I am going through and pulling them all and patching in with spackle.  The walls aren’t perfect but I would rather keep the old plaster and have good walls rather then sheet rock and have wonderful walls.


While we were all upstairs, Hubby was down stairs.  His job was to remove a window and patch it in.  This window is in the office.  The garage will be attached behind this so we end up loosing a window.  There is another that will need to be done in the bedroom above it.  That is going to wait for a warmer day.  I lamented a little at the missing light source when Hubby said, “Just turn the light on if you need it”.  Good point but there is something to be said for natural light.  In long run if I have choose garage or window…I’m picking garage.


That’s the latest at the house….slow and steady….

4 thoughts on “Work at the House”

  1. Please make sure you use face masks. There is lead paint and who knows what else. I did the same with a ceramic tile floor and wall paper in my 50s house and I feel as if I have had problems since.

  2. Your pictures remind me of a house my husband and I bought as a fixer-upper (maybe not our first choice, but it was all we could afford). We, too, “salvaged” some of the house and tore down part and replaced it. There were days when I wondered, “What have we gotten into?” since we were living in it while working on it. My 7-year-old called it “the ugly house.” It was an adventure, and we were very happy with it when we were (mostly) done – we never did get the trim finished while we were living there!

  3. Making progress!!! Slow and steady is the way to go…when you rush is when you run into problems!! Looking good!!!!! Love that you are salvaging the fir flooring, it’s awesome!

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