Wool Wednesday: Strawberry Pincushion

I’ve been in the mood to work on some wool projects and have been. I have been watching Flosstube on Youtube and several of the Flosstubers are working on wool projects on Wednesdays. I can’t work on them on Wednesday but I can on other days…It’s been years since I’ve done many wool projects and I am loving the new excitement I have for wool.

I was looking for something to make for a couple of friends from Christmas presents. Originally I was going to make some snowman ornaments. Then I realized I didn’t have any tiny buttons and couldn’t. Then I realized that everything in the book needed small buttons. Bummer. That left me looking in another wool book I have trying to find a cute project that didn’t require buttons. I landed on the strawberry pincushions.

It comes from this book from Primitive Gatherings. I bought the book many years ago and always thought I might do wool but until the day I made the pincushions, I had never made anything out of it. Now…I’d like to make everything..HA!

I planned on making three. Two were gifts and one for me. For the time being I was only going to finish the two and I’d work on mine at a later date. I would at least start mine as long as all the wool was out.

Here they all are ready for stitching.

I stitched the two of them. I took pictures of my progress so you could see how each added color of stitching makes them look better.

I put interfacing on the front and back and stitched the two up much like I do pillows.

Here is the first one done…It was okay but I wasn’t a real fan of the edge. I loved my stitching…just not the edge. Remember, I am kind of new at this so I’m still learning.

I decided to try putting an added roll around the edge. To do that I cut a 1″ strip of wool. I rolled it and stitched together with a whip stitch and then glued it around the edge.

Hmm. I didn’t know if I liked that better or not.

I ended up gifting one with the edging…one without.

After the Christmas whirlwind settled, I took time to finish mine. I had learned a lot by then.

This time I decided to sew it together by sewing all the way around the edge and making a slit in the back. I also made this one about a 1/2″ smaller. I used this see-through lid as my template. I traced around it for my sewing line.

I sewed around. I clipped the edge and turned it right side out. I put as many crushed walnut shells as I could in the inside. Then I stuffed and stuffed and jammed as much poly-fill in as I could. It was TIGHT.

I whip-stitched the opening closed and then whip-stitched a piece of wool on the back to cover the slit.

Here is my finished strawberry pincushion. This one, I love. I love it a lot. I feel so bad as the ones I mailed out aren’t as nice. I am going to forgive myself and chalk it up to learning. I hope the two of you who got them will forgive my learning. I packed this away in the summer box and it will come out with my patriot decor next summer.

I am so excited to be doing wool again. I’m going to look through that book and pick another project. I’m also going to start saving some pennies so I can buy a few more pieces of wool. Thankfully wool goes a long way!!

Liz from the Stitchery Nook has started handling wool. She has kits too. She asked if I might be interested in doing a wool along. I was excited but didn’t know if any of you would like to do a wool stitch-along. What do you think? We can all learn together.

21 thoughts on “Wool Wednesday: Strawberry Pincushion”

  1. I have a couple of projects that are wool – they’re still sitting at the bottom of my drawer :-( I’ve got to get on that one of these days – Wool Wednesday sounds like fun!

  2. Very cute! I’m sure the recipients of the gifted ones loved them. I have some wool kits I bought that I need to work on, but I haven’t seemed to find the time. Maybe 2024 will be the year to finish some wool projects!

  3. Oh, my Jo! I have a feeling I’m headed down the rabbit trail with you. It’s the start of the new year and I’m up for something new. I think it’s just the thing I need. But I’ve never done anything with wool. I’d love to try but have a couple of questions. Does it require anything more than basic embroidery stitches? Doesn’t the wool ravel? Is it hard to work with?

    1. Adorable! I love wool products and would probably join a wool a long even though I already have a bunch of unfinished projects. Lol

  4. I love the idea of a Wool Along! I have some wool I inherited from my mom who was a hooker! Of rugs of course. lol! I’ve only done a little wit wool embroidery but I’d like to do more. A project with others would be such fun.

    I love the pin cushions you made! I’m sure the recipients are delighted with them.

  5. Glad to see you working on wool applique! I’m part of a Facebook group that offers stitch alongs and it’s so fun to see everyone jumping on and working on the projects. The greatest thing (in my opinion) is that wool is so forgiving. It’s really easy to do and is fun and relaxing! I may join you in a stitch along!

  6. Jo, I like the idea of Wood Wednesday. Your ornament turned out nice! I have purchased a few wool kits but have yet to do any of them. I got a couple at The Woolen Needle in Williamsburg, IA in 2022 when I went to a cross stitch retreat in Amana. I also bought a quilt kit there – AND I actually finished it – my first big quilt. I had it quilted by a longarmer. It was a Christmas gift for my son, but I will admit I still have the binding to do. I’m kind of intimidated by it…but I do plan to give it the ol’ college try.

  7. The strawberry pin cushions are darling. You do such beautiful stitching. I think a Wool Along will be fun for those who want to do it. I don’t dare to start another crafting project – need to stay with quilting and cross stitching.

  8. Woolie Wednesdays sounds fun. I’ve thrifted several wool garments. Ready to put them to good use. Let’s do it!

  9. Jo, would love to do a wool along. Have some pieces of wool that I bought years ago and never did anything with them. Great project to start the new year. I’m in!

  10. I absolutely love, love my strawberry pincushion you sent me. I will display it along with my other pincushions. You do such beautiful work.
    Yes I’m definitely “in” for a wool along. The next time you’re over you need to go through my wool scraps and take what you need.
    Happy New Year everyone. Good wishes for the New Year.

  11. well this is one time i have to have the discipline NOT to jump into a new fascinating project. ALLERGIC. i will continue to enjoy your progress.
    I have done this with other fabric that i would be appliqueing on and wondered what you would think about making the slit in the top fabric and put the strawberries over the slit so you would not have to think about doing something to the back piece ????
    Prayers for your treatment plan to be approved via insurance and your side effects to be much diminished this time around.

  12. I, too, love wool, as so many of you ladies do. I am primarily a quilter, and so love fabric as well. I have tried rug braiding and loved it. I have tried wool applique and loved it. I now hook rugs, and smaller things, and love that also. My quilting always pulls me back and my daughter and I sell our wares at craft fairs. We are both kept very busy. I would love a Wool Wednesday, or any other day. I’ll keep an even closer eye on Jo Kramer…..thank you! Jo, your strawberry is the berries!

  13. I might join in because I’ve done a little wool applique in the past and I liked it very much. The hardest part for me is deciding exactly what to work on.

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