Wool Wednesday: Halloween and Crows

While I was off work earlier in the month I decided to take a few hours and pull out some of my wool projects. A couple of months ago when I was busy reorganizing my wool I found an old project that I started MANY years ago. I think I might have started it as early as the late 90s. Somehow it made the move from house to house with me and I decided it was time to fully finish them.

They were about half done when I pulled them out again. I forgot to take a before picture. The pumpkin one only needed a backing and the blanket stitching on the outside. The smiling cat needed the blanket stitching done on the circles and the black cat needed everything stitched.

It only took me about an hour to completely finish them. Rosie was on hand to help.

These are a little more Halloweenish than I typically do but they are cute and being they were almost finished I thought it best to finish them. They are put away in the Fall box. I’ll be happy to pull them out in September.

When I cleaned my sewing room I found this pattern.

I had bought it at the thrift store for 10 cents thinking I might make one or two of the seasonal crows. I decided to cut two of them out…the strawberry one for summer and the pumpkin one for fall. I won’t make the other two.

I decided to change the direction of my crows. I thought they looked better this way.

This was my first time pulling out a project and putting it together now that my wool is all organized nicely. WHAT A TREAT!! It took me half the time to do it!

I did start working on the strawberry one…just getting the crow stitched down. Part of me wonders if I should have cut the strawberry smaller. I followed the pattern but doesn’t it seem a little huge or is that supposed to be the charm of it?? Who knows??

I have a rabbit piece cut out that I should have been working on instead. Oh well. The mood stuck to cut this out and I just went with it!!

That was what I’ve been working on in the wool department. I am leaving this all out in a basket so I keep working on getting the stitching done. Hopefully in the next month or so there will be a wool finish.

8 thoughts on “Wool Wednesday: Halloween and Crows”

  1. Fun!!! Always nice to find a UFO that doesn’t need a lot. Love the strawberry..perfect size. Any smaller and the crow is too prominent.

  2. I like the ones you finished ready for fall. The crows will be good, too, and probably won’t be long before we see them finished. You do such very nice stitching. I have a mini quilt that I made and it just dawned on me (was looking at it recently) that it has wool that I had to stitch – and I didn’t think I had ever done any.

  3. Jo, these are so cute! I think they would be easy to get totally immersed in to the detriment of everything else I have going on. I’ll content myself with crafting vicariously through you!

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