Wool Wednesday Finish: Fit to Frame

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I was in the sewing room and got distracted by this old UFO project that I had. The pattern is Fit to Frame #6 from From My Heart to Your Hands.

I had been looking for a UFO quilting project and stumbled upon this. I had told you that about 10 or more years ago I was into wool applique but didn’t really finish many projects…well, here’s a prime example. I worked on this a lot…did I finish it, NO! Well now I’ve been into wool again so…maybe I should finish this?? Yes, Yes I should finish this…and down the rabbit hole I went.

All of the pieces were finished. I just needed to sew them together and frame them. Oh, Jo. Why didn’t you finish this before??

It seriously took 10 minutes to sew the top together.

Then I remembered why I didn’t finish this…I was chicken about framing it. Well…there is no time like the present (actually 10 years later. HA!!)

I went to my basement frame shop…There weren’t many options. Thankful there was one that was good.

If I remember right, the tag said $3 from the thrift store. YAHOO!!

I tore the frame apart…Yep. It looked like it would work.

I measure and then cut the frame down. Then over Christmas my son-in-law Craig was here and he helped me put the frame back together…I laid it on top. YEP. That will do nicely.

UGH…now how was I going to mount this and stretch it. UGH. No clue. That’s when I hit me… Do it like cross stitch!!

So I cut down a piece of foam core…but there was no margin to speak of. This would be impossible to lace. Then I remembered that some people pin their cross pieces when framing rather than lacing them. So I pulled pins and started pinned. I pulled the little bit of seam allowance over the edge of the foam core and stuck in a pin.

It took a while but it worked. YAHOO!! Then I put in glazier points to hold the piece into the frame.

I am so happy with it.

I had a nail in the wall from when I moved some cross-stitch pieces around so I hung it on the nail…Hmm. That will do for now…It’s a little big for the spot but until I figure out a permanent home for it, it will just hang out here.

Whew…I am so happy to have that finished. I can’t believe I let that sit for over 10 years. In retrospect, it’s likely okay because I didn’t know how to cut down frames back then…and I didn’t know how to pin projects to stretch them.

Okay…now that I have that piece up I see it hanging ALL OF THE TIME when I walk through the house. It just makes me want to feed my wool obsession even more. Watch out friends…there will be more wool applique blog posts to come. I just know it.

I’m off…I’m going to see if I have any other started wool pieces in my sewing room. Fingers crossed I do!!

32 thoughts on “Wool Wednesday Finish: Fit to Frame”

  1. This is the most beautiful piece of work I have seen in a while. Gorgeous. The only thing I would have done is add a border. This isn’t a criticism, just my way of presenting it. You have done a wonderful job. Congratulations.

  2. What a beautiful piece!
    I have purchased wool clothing at thrift stores and felted it in the washer. You can get big pieces of wool for much less expensive than NEW wool. After felting you deconstruct – and you know how to do that!

  3. Jo, you have inspired me! I have lots of small totes with other little projects like, wool and candlewicking. I am challenging myself to pull a tote every month. If I feel I can get it done in the month I will do that. If I really don’t like the project, I will donate it. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

    1. this is what moving and downsizing did for us. Not just me but my husband as well. Just one really big one on his todo list 1941 car. ugh
      At least my purging did not find sugar in the gas tank .
      Whatever the reason giving ones self the permission to pass a project on to a charity shop or a friend who would love to have a project they might not be able to afford can be a good thing. The fresh feeling when picking up the remainders is energizing.

  4. What a beautiful piece! Looks beautiful in that frame too. Just perfect for that piece! How fun that you just happened upon that long-ago project! I like where you hung it.

  5. I will welcome more posts about wool applique. I haven’t gotten into the cross stitch renaissance
    , mainly because my eyes aren’t as good as they were on the last go around. Bring it on!

  6. Love it, love it, love it. So glad you decided to get back into wool. I like having a variety of needlework to do. I think it looks good in that spot. The colors of the work and the quilts play off of each other.

  7. Jo what a Wonder Woman you are! Your wool work is beautiful. A compliment to the person you are. You never give up and find a way around completing your projects!

  8. Another beautiful finish!! The frame is perfect. How fun to finish this and also it must be fun to go to your “frame shop” and find just what you need. Great work!

  9. I know I left a reply but a separate comment on the beauty of your finished project is deserved. That exceeded any of the gorgeous cross stitch projects.

  10. How fun to find a wool project almost ready to hang! I love it finished! I am very much addicted to working with wool, so happy you are enjoying it too!

  11. Can’t go wrong with a Lori Smith design. Your completion is absolutely lovely. Keep it up on the finishes of the UFO’S. You are totally motivating me to finish mine….

  12. Your wool piece is so lovely! Seems like I remember you mentioning that you don’t care for applique’ in quilting. Woolwork is applique’, isn’t it! You do a really nice job and this should give you confidence to do applique’ in your quilting, too!

  13. It’s beautiful! I am just beginning to look at a couple of kits I’ve had for a long time ..I think working with wool will be fun !

  14. My mother worked in a frame shop for quite a few years. When she had a piece that was too small to lace, she would sew strips of muslin around the entire piece. She would lace the muslin to stretch the needlework. The muslin would be covered by a mat or the frame so it didn’t show.

  15. Beautiful piece. I got a wool project the year before last for Christmas. Of course, it’s a big one. I’ve never done wool before. I want to start it but have another hand work I want to finish first. Hopefully you inspire me to get working on it.
    By the way, thank you so much for your loopy daisy quilting pattern. I just used it again on a baby clothes quilt.
    You are awesome. Thanks for sharing everything you do and are!

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