Wool Wednesday: Snowman

I finished this little cutie…

It came from the book 101 Itty Bitty Celebrations by Lisa Bongean. I’ve had this book for some time but never have made anything from the book…but now my wool obsession is hot so I decided I better pull the book out and make something.

The book includes 101 projects. All are 2″ x 2″. Teeny-tiny, but oh so cute. Here is just a sampling of some of the designs.

There are a few that are more embroidery than they are wool applique.

The project that really made me want to buy the book was this cute little snowman. He’s holding a garland of hearts…perfect for Valentine’s Day!

I got stalled out because I needed some small 3mm buttons. I ended up finding them HERE on Amazon. Then I had trouble finding a needle that was skinny enough to go through the tiny button holes.

I’ve told you this before but it bears repeating. The DMC floss chart is PERFECT for wool applique. I got mine in a box of cross stitch stuff from a garage sale for $3. I have the one with real floss…this one from Amazon. I laid my wool piece on the card to find a good color to match the background blue. It turns out 939 was the perfect match.

Many people who wool applique use Valdani thread. I don’t have any and it’s kind of expensive so that had me using DMC floss instead. I use two strands when making my stitches with wool applique.

I’ve worked on this a little each night went I get home from work…and finally it’s finished. I put it on a clipboard from Micheals. It was from the thrift store but I just ordered a few more from Micheals. So cute and such a fun and easy way to display it.

I tried to take a picture in my dough bowl but the lighting was too dark.

My friend Ila was so sweet to me and just sent me a Moda bundle of wool. It’s going to be perfect for some of these small pieces…

Many thanks for supporting my habit Ila. You know just the right things to make me happy!!

The book is filled with small pieces that are all seasonal or themed. I plan to make some more. They are fun and easy. If you’re looking to try making a wool applique project, this might be a project that is easy to start with.

I’m off. I want to pick out my next little project to make.

5 thoughts on “Wool Wednesday: Snowman”

  1. This is darling! I love how small these are and will fit anywhere! The clipboard you bought is perfect! How sweet of Ila to buy the package of wool pieces for you – it looks like they’ll be perfect!
    How are you doing? You are in my prayers.
    Love and prayers

  2. Such a cute little snowman and with the wreath of hearts, just too cute! A great finish and the clipboard is perfect. It was fun seeing all those little projects and my eye went to the sunflower, so cute!

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