Wool Flower Headbands with my Go!

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There is nothing on my design wall….I gave up quilting for just a bit to make some headbands for my daughter.    It was lots of fun playing with wool again….

I didn’t know how my Accuquilt Go! would work when cutting wool, so I thought I would give it a try….the verdict is I love it for wool.  I didn’t have to trace patterns on freezer paper, iron it on cut again.  This was quick and easy.  Lay four layers of fabric on the Go! and roll it through.  How easy was that?!

The first headband was made with the smallest flower and the smallest circle on the Rose of Sharon die.  Kalissa wanted flowers from ear to ear so there are 22 flowers across the band.  Layer a circle on the top of the flower.  Stitch an X through them then attach the flowers to the headband by sewing another X through the flowers and the headband.

This headband was made with the second to the largest flower on the Rose of Sharon die and the smallest circle of the Circle die.  Layer the circle on top of the flower.  Use a gathering stitch, stitching through both pieces pulling up the stitches as you go.  Stop a bit before you get to the stitches and stuff a small amount of stuffing into the circle to make it poof.  Finish stitching.  Secure the stitches.  Stitch the flower along with two leaves to the headband.

The daisy was really fun….you’ll need 13 white leaves and 2 green leaves along with one of the largest circles all from the Rose of Sharon die.  Layer the tips of the white petals in the flower shape.  Stitch through all the layers securing the leaves in place.  Stitch the circle to the center of the flower using a running stitch.  Stuff just a bit of stuffing into the center of the flower.  Secure the stitches and sew to the headband.   Sew two leaves to the headband too.

This flower is my favorite.  It looks like a mum or a zinnia.  You’ll need to cut four large, three the next size smaller and two the next size smaller of the flowers on the Rose of Sharon die.

Cut into the pieces as shown.

Layer the pieces on top of each other.  Stitch through the center pulling tight to make the flower fluff.  Stitch through several times.  Then sew a shank button to the center.  Attach to the headband along with two leaves.

The last headband is Kalissa’s favorite.  It has roses.  This one uses your Double Wedding Ring die (yes, Double Wedding Ring) and the Rose of Sharon die to cut five leaves.  You need one of the “leaf” shapes cut for each rose you want.

Cut the notches off.  Then fold the shape in half as shown.

Start rolling the piece with the raw edge to the top.

Continue rolling until all is used.  Then flip it upside down and stitch through the bottom layers to keep the rose from unraveling.

Attach the roses and leaves to the headband.

Kalissa has been wearing her headbands and people keep asking her where she got them….so apparently, the headbands are cool with teenagers.

I made a video so you can check that out if you want. Here’s the link.

To see what other’s are working on, follow this link to Patchwork Times.

If you made it all the way to the end of this post, feel free to leave a comment telling which is your favorite flower and I will pick two winners tomorrow and will send you the cut pieces of wool to make a headband of your choice.  I am not sure I can guarantee a color as my wool supply isn’t huge…but I promise, no brown flowers.  You aren’t required to, but feel free to become a follower or head on over to my facebook page and become a fan of Jo’s Country Junction.

Later in the week I’ll show you what other wool projects I’ve been working on.

21 thoughts on “Wool Flower Headbands with my Go!”

  1. I don’t have a GO cutter but this is a terrific way to craft with wool. I like the zinnia/mum one the best. My girls would love this and they are in their early 20’s. Thanks for the lesson!

  2. Can I just come home and you can help me make one? And then Kalissa can teach me how to fix my hair so that it works with headbands?

  3. I think I like the daisy best: I can see that also becoming a sunflower. Once again you GO people have caused me to revisit wanting a GO. Shame on you.

  4. Great flowers–I love them all! My favorite would have to be the mum one, though. Would love to make my daughter a headband with one.

  5. I have just started cutting flowers, to layer, out of unfelted wool. But I don’t know how to finish the edges so they won’t unravel. Any thoughts. Thanks so much for the lessons. Glad I found that someone else is already doing this!!

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