Wool Finish: Heart in Hand

A few weeks ago when I was digging around to try to put all my wool things in one place, I ran across this wool kit. I bought the kit some time ago when my daughter Kelli and I went to an Elton John concert and shop-hopped our way to the concert. It was a fun trip I will always remember.

When we stopped at The Little Red Hen in Muscatine Iowa, we were in heaven and I bought this kit. It was only $11ish. I looked it’s still available now but it’s closer to $13.50ish. Anyway…it’s still inexpensive for a wool kit…and I thought and still think, it’s so cute.

Rather than find a place for it to be stored, I decided it was time to stitch it up.

Here it is all finished… So CUTE!!

This was a piece that was a little more delicate than most of the wool pieces I’ve done. The lives are tiny!!

Wait…let’s start at the beginning. This was my kit. I was initially disappointed. I didn’t like the dark-colored heart. The pattern showed a heart that was more pink and I preferred that look. So I dug through my wool. That was the project that prompted me to pull it all apart all my wool and reorganize it because I was having trouble finding the pink color I wanted.

Before I did picked my pink for the heart, I decided to stitch the smaller heart down. A lot of people use Valdani thread for wool projects. I don’t have any so I use my trusty DMC. I have a chart that works great in finding the perfect color. You can find the charts HERE. They are spendy but I use it all the time!

I had heard that Press N Seal can be used for placement on dark colors where it’s hard to trace the lines. I decided to give it a try. I put the Press N Seal over the pattern, traced it and then stuck it to the pattern.

Then I stitched on top of the lines- stitching through the Press N Seal.

I was worried it would be hard to remove. It wasn’t. If you try this pull it off to the side, not upward, and hold the stitches as you rip. I was easy and great to work with.

It’s fun to watch the piece come together…first the leaves…then the buttons. Now it was ready to finish.

I interfaced both pieces. Sewed them together, clipped and turned it right side out. Then I stuffed it using crushed walnut shells and Poly-fil.

Here it is all finished. This is the front…and this is the back. The heart sewn on the back it to cover the hole that I used when I turned the piece right side out.

I auditioned a few things thinking I might make a hanger but I didn’t like anything. I thought some sari silk ribbon might work but I can’t find it and I thought I had already ordered some before. If you’ve not heard of it, you can see it HERE. Hmm.

If I do, I might make a hanger for it. Right now I hate for it to sit flat. Then I can’t see the pretty work. Hmm.

I am so pleased with this piece. I am getting better and better at working with wool. It’s so fun and it isn’t hard!! The needlework I learned first in life was embroidery. It is still near and dear to my heart. My mom taught me. I love pulling out some of those stitches and using them on wool.

I have a couple of other projects cut out and ready to stitch so I guess I’ll keep making wool projects. I’m having a lot of fun with it!

15 thoughts on “Wool Finish: Heart in Hand”

  1. beth A Jadwisiak

    I have been to The Little Red Hen in Muscatine Iowa. It is an awesome shop. Well worth the trip and I am from Ohio. Great job on all of the projects Jo.

  2. I like that Jo. It’s very nice.Hope you are doing well. I wanted to make sure my address is correct for the Fabric and contribution list. We no longer live in Llano Tx. And because of an emergency we had driven down there from Midlothian Tx. We had had a lot of people on the property and a very bad rain storm. My husband the next afternoon as we were leaving noticed a package on the ground in a yellow envelope and he thought it was a phone book. He tossed it into the back of the pu. Five hrs later he picked up the envelope and it split open – There was fabric for the Quilts of Valor soaking wet and some of the yellow from the envelope and some of the red fabric had bled onto the white fabric. The delivery person had just tossed it to a side piece of our yard and not even the realtor had thought to pick it up. It had been sent out Jan22. I don’t even know who sent it- but it did include a card and pattern. I think I’m late for the sew a ton for QOV. Having said this if it was someone from your group – Thank you and I’m sorry I missed the deadline. I also want to make sure my address is correct on the donation list so this won’t happen again.
    My correct address is
    June Tibbetts
    6221 Vicney Lane
    Midlothian, Texas 76065
    Thank you again to whomever sent it. I think I can actually get it done pretty quickly and will post a photo before it goes home to someone. I’m sorry I missed the deadline but I’m sure they will accept it or a Senior living home might be able to find a Vet. Thank you Jo for updating my info.
    Blessings June

  3. Another beautiful finish! You do beautiful work, whether it is cross stitching, embroidery on wool, or quilting. I always enjoy seeing your projects. Hope all it going good.

  4. That is lovely!!!!!!!. I can’t do wool work as wool gives me a rash. Thanks for the press and seal tip for dark colors.

  5. Brenda in Georgia

    I have not tried working with wool. Maybe I should take a class. I can’t tell you how much it tickled me that you and your daughter went to an Elton John concert. My niece and I went to one many years ago (I am 83) and it was so much fun. He is such a great musician and amazing performer.
    I follow you closely but don’t often comment. I hope you have the greatest team to work with you at Mayo Clinic. They have such a good reputation and they need to live up to it for you. We all love and admire you. Thanks so much for keeping us informed about how you are doing.

  6. Loved your wool project! I hit up the thrift stores for wool suits and blazers for my projects. Just wanted to eat you know that this is the last viewable poat…both Thursday and Friday’s posts are gibberish!

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