Wool Auriful Thread…my new best friend

Yesterday I showed you Kim Diehl’s new book, Simple Graces.  Last night, I decided to actually make something from the book, not just read it!

When I was at a quilt shop last week they suggested that wool applique can be done my machine using Wool Auriful thread…she did caution me that I might have to adjust the tension in my machine though….(UGH>>>that’s a scary prospect)


Well I tried it…I can honestly say the hardest part was getting the wool thread through my needle!  It was easy-peasy….I made the quick little glasses case from the book to test it out.  I did have to adjust my stitch length a bit longer than the presets on the machine but the tension…it was just fine!

If you try this, I do want to caution you to be careful not to pull the wool as you are rounding corners and such.  The base piece you are appliquing to can get distorted  if you tug on it.  I didn’t have trouble on this small piece but I can see that it could be an issue if you aren’t aware.


I stitched the outside together by machine too.  I widened the stitch to the widest width and away I went.  I am not really fond of how the berries turned out…I just think I need a little more practice and maybe go a bit slower on small pieces.  I am super excited about this “new to me” way of appliquing wool…now I am “eyeing” some of the those larger projects in the book but I think I am going to have to wait a bit for two reasons.  One I have a goal to finish up a few projects that are laying around here and two…that thread is expensive, $8 a spool,  and I’m going to need a couple more thread colors to tackle a large project….maybe a new open foot for my sewing machine would be nice too….there’s always something to spend money on.

8 thoughts on “Wool Auriful Thread…my new best friend”

  1. That’s really cute. I acquired 5 wool men’s jackets that I dismantled and washed & dried super hot. Like the felted feel they have now. Gotta give it a go now.

  2. O.k. like I don’t already have enough new passions to interest me! I’ve been watching the parade of wool projects in blogland and thinking maybe, maybe… and now you tell me that I can do them on the machine in wonderful Aurifil thread! Thank god I am buried under a pile of year-end projects right now but you just know this goes on the list for next year!

    Question: what size/type needle did you stitch with? I’m thinking a 14 or 16 might have helped with the threading issue or did you use that and still have problems?

  3. too cool, love the idea of doing the applique on the machine, my local quilt shop has the aurifil wool thread, but yes it is pricey, but so is everything now a days…chuckle

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