With Great Regrets

From Kalissa…
It’s with great regrets I have to write this post.

My dad, you know him as Kramer, passed away at about 12:20am on Sunday, June 2nd.

He was welcomed into Jesus’s arms Sunday morning.

It was as peaceful as it could be. Mom and I were there with him. Every word that needed to be said was spoken.

Dad made it to Sunday –  He wanted to make it until Sunday to know Gannon and Georgia would be baptized. We did baptise the babies yesterday afternoon as planned as we were all sure that he would have wanted that.

Dad fought his cancer battle for 129 days. He never once threw himself a pity party. He was Kramer strong right until the end.

Mom’s doing good.  We all are.  Of course we have our moments where we are crying and laughing in the same sentence.  It will be some busy days here as we prepare for a Wednesday private funeral and  public celebration of life that afternoon.  If you’re local feel free to stop by.

Here is a link to the obituary.  I’m sure some of you will want to send mom a card.  Here is her address:

Jo Kramer
111 2nd Ave NE
Waucoma, IA 52171

Our family thanks all of you for going along with us on Dad’s cancer journey.  Dad often said how much you treated us all like family.  He loved that.  As always, mom has much to say and will continue to write the blog.  It is so therapeutic for her.

157 thoughts on “With Great Regrets”

  1. Sharon Runyan

    Prayers are all I know to offer. He fought the good fight. You are a very strong family & have been an inspiration to many. ❤️✝️

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I read this morning’s post and decided that it was beautifully written, that I had to come and make a comment. I’m so sorry for your loss and will pray for strength for your family in the next few days. Sending hugs.

  3. Love, hugs and prayer.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. May God hold you in his hands during this difficult time.

  4. Jacqueline Mills

    I am so sorry for your loss. Your openness during this most difficult time has been an inspiration to many. May the precious time you had as a family be a comfort in the days ahead. Thoughts and prayers will continue to follow you as you navigate this new road.

  5. I’m so very sorry for your loss. How special that you were all able to share in the celebration of Kramer’s last day. Jo, I’m sure you will never forget those last special hours spent reminiscing with the love of your life. Let happy memories see you through the days ahead.

  6. Linda Carpenter

    What a testament of life that Kramer had with his family, his community and his God! I, like others, will be praying for you and your family in the coming days and months as life continues to move forward.

  7. God rest his soul….I am so sorry for your loss….May God’s peace be with you in the days ahead……he was blessed to be so loved..

  8. Dear Kalissa, I am so very sorry to hear this. Thank you for letting us know. Thinking of your dear mom and all of you too at this time.

  9. Marie Simmonds

    Kramer’s journey ended in the arms of his Heavenly Father. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you, Jo and your family in the days ahead. May God bless you and keep you in the coming days. Philippians 4:13.

  10. Arrowhead Gramma

    Kramer’s journey ended in the arms of his Heavenly Father. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you, Jo and your entire family in the days ahead. May God bless you and keep you in the coming days. Philippians 4:13.

  11. Phyllis Singler

    My heart is breaking for you. You all are in my prayers. May he RIP knowing how loved he is and that he has left behind such a strong and loving family to carry on his love and strengths.

  12. Winda Hiemstra

    Even on this side of the pond [the Netherlands], he touched people with just being himself and being a part of this great family of strong people.
    I am sending you virtual hugs, lots of thoughts, love and energy but most of all I send you peace in your hearts and love to get through this.
    In God’s hand we trust a great man, husband, father, grandfather and friend to many he didn’t even know in person.
    Thank you for letting us know, I will continue my prayers for your family.

    From the Netherlands
    Winda & family

  13. Penny Holliday

    With great sadness I write to you after reading Kallisas beautifully written post ~ such a wonderful tribute to Kramer. Thank you for letting us know. To all of Roger Kramer’s family I am sorry for your loss. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you! Sending Love & Hugs ~

  14. Prayers and hugs as you walk through the next step of this journey. A step that came too soon. You’re a strong family that supports each other and I’m sure you’ll continue to be supportive of each other. From personal experience, people will offer their help. Make a note of it and take them up on it in the days and months ahead. Allow them the blessing.
    With deepest sympathy.

  15. Donna Pheneger

    To all of you – we are so very sorry to hear of Roger’s passing but rejoice he is with our Father in Heaven.
    Please know we will be keeping you in prayer. Our love to you always.

  16. Judith Fairchild

    My regrets for your loss, my prayers for the whole family. It’s hard to let go of your spouse/daddy of your babies. I’m glad you had time for memory sharing and fun these last days. That’s the most precious thing to hang on to in the coming days. Just remember when you feel most alone you have the Lord Jesus and a while lot of friends remembering with you.

  17. So sorry for you all. I live the other side of the world but I felt for you all like you were my neighbour. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m glad you have each other Di x

  18. Praying for the Kramer family as you mourn the loss of Kramer. What a blessing to all of you to know that someday you will be reunited with him in heaven – God is good, you will find your strength in Him during these difficult days ahead. HUGS…

  19. To all of you and the family, I am so sorry for your loss….your dad/husband will always be with you….remember all of the good and bad times you had with him…….it is hard at times but slowly you will go forward..
    Sue from Wisconsin

  20. I am so sorry to read the sad news of the death of Kramer who , thanks to the bravery of your mother and all the Kramer family’s postings. is known to many people all over the world.

    I am in tears here in England at the loss of this lovely man.

    My sincere condolences to you all.

  21. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Thank you for letting us know Kalissa. Knowing that he was surrounded by his family with much love is a comfort. He will be remembered with lots of laughs as well as sadness for years to come. Blessings to you and your family.

  22. Siento la pérdida de un ser tan querido. Mis condolencias para todos y mucha fuerza para seguir. Un abrazo

  23. Peaceful rest for your dad. Prayers for comfort and support for your entire family. Fill your hearts and minds with wonderful memories and know, that although he has passed, he will be forever a part of you. With deepest sympathy. D. Weeks

  24. I’m so sorry to hear the battle ended so soon. Your whole family has been an inspiration with all the love and strength you have shown. Love and hugs and prayers for the days ahead as you continue to live Kramer Strong. ❤️

  25. My deepest condolences to your family as you go through this difficult time. I will pray that the closeness of your family brings you some comfort.

  26. Please accept my sincere condolences. I have been following Kramer’s journey and have been praying for all of you. Your family has been strong throughout. I know that your hearts are heavy and that you will always miss your husband and father. I know that your faith is also strong and that there is comfort knowing that Kramer has received his crown of glory with Jesus in Heaven. There is also great comfort in knowing that his suffering is over, and he is now strong again. My prayers for your family will continue.

  27. Sending hugs and prayers with my deepest sympathy on Kramer’s passing…a race well run, a fight hard fought and a lasting legacy of memories to be shared with family and friends in the days to come. I pray that you all will know peace in the coming days as you find a new normal for Kramer strong. May God continue to bless you in your new journey, Jo and family.

  28. So sorry for your loss. But rejoicing that he is with Jesus and is healed.
    God be with you and give you strength and peace.
    Sending love, hugs and prayers.

  29. Carolyn Sands

    I’m so sorry for your loss. The obituary was a great tribute to a wonderful man. May he rest in peace.

  30. Anna Singleton

    I’m so very sorry to hear of Roger’s passing. I know that he is in a better place but that does not make if any easier on you all. Continued prayers for peace and comfort in the days and weeks ahead. Hugs!!!

  31. I am so sorry. There really are no words at times like these. You have a very strong family and I pray for you to have more strength to get through this. Keeping all of the Kramers in my prayers.

  32. My condolences for your loss. Kramer’s legacy will be the way he lived his life, providing for his family and contributing to his community. In this blog his grandchildren will know him along with the stories they will hear about him as you keep him alive with the love in your hearts. I pray for strength and comfort to you all in the coming days.

  33. Kramer’s legacy is your strong, amazing family! Gone way too soon but living in your hearts forever. Lovely tribute, Kalissa!

  34. I am so sorry for your loss. Your entire family has been so strong and brave as you have shared the many challenges you have faced together these past months. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  35. I am so sorry Kramer family. I am glad that you all were there for his next journey. As hard as it is to let go, be thankful his passing was peaceful and he is no longer in pain. I will be thinking of all of you in the next days. pam

  36. Sharon Malone

    I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jo, and your family. May you take comfort in your memories and knowing that he is in God’s hands.

  37. I am so sorry. Thank you God for the faith of Kramer and his family, that you carry them through the loss of Husband, Dad, Granddad, Uncle, Son, friend, community advocate. May his legacy live on through the family and the stories to come. May you all find peace and solace as you gather together in your grief.

    Thank you Kalissa for taking a few minutes to let us know out here in blogland. Peace be with you all.

  38. That was so difficult to read this morning, but beautifully spoken. My condolences to the family. Thank you Jo for letting us get to know your husband and the difficult journey he took. Rest in Peace, Roger.

  39. I am so very sorry for your loss. Know that so many of us have thought of you all, and will continue to send our thoughts and prayers in the coming days. I hope you can feel the love we’re sending across the miles.

  40. So beautifully written, Kalissa, with what I know must be a heavy heart. The babies were baptized on a very special day…one their grandfather waited for. Your family will see a lot of Kramer in those two, I’m sure. I’ll be holding your family in my heart and prayers.

  41. Hugs and prayers for the Kramer family during your time grief. Wrap all these messages around you like you would a quilt and let them surround you with support.

  42. My deepest sympathy to all of your Kramer crew. I’m thankful you have the assurance of heaven- another thing he shared with you. With love comes pain but I pray that in the days and months to come you can love each other through. God bless you all.

  43. Celebrating your dad’s new life in heaven… free from pain and cancer. But also praying for grace and peace as you go through the next days and weeks. It will be difficult at times, but God will be there beside each of you every step of the way! Love and prayers!

  44. Thank you all for sharing your journey with us. Kramer has presented an example for all of how to live and leave strong. Your posts have inspired me to do better in my own life. Your joy, dignity and love are so incredible. Reste in pace, dear Kramer. I’m sure there is plenty of farmland in Heaven for you.

  45. So sorry for your lose. I’ve gotten to know your wonderful family through your blog and Bloglovin’. My prayers go out to you during this sad time.

  46. I am so, so sorry for your huge loss. He’s in the Lords loving arms now, and someday you’ll all be reunited.

  47. A full life well lived. My prayers continue for your comfort and peace that comes only from our Heavenly Father who now embraces your sweet, strong Kramer. God will continue in His faithfulness to you in the days and years ahead. though it is hard not to cry along with you.

  48. Tears are flowing as I read this post and his obituary, both beautifully written, but rejoicing that is he is being welcomed into God’s loving arms. Your family is I need our prayers.

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