WINNERS….lots of them!!

I got side tracked and didn’t get the winners of the goodies posted…. So without further ado….

First off, the Ecolux Sewing Machine Light… I have never had so many people to sign up to win a product.  It seems so many of you like me are sewing in poorly lit areas and sewing late at night.  I have continued to sew with my light and really like it.  I am thinking that I want one for my Featherweight.

The winner of the AMAZING Ecolux sewing machine light is… Ardith D who said, “I have quit sewing at night, maybe this will help me get back to it.”  I hope you can get back to sewing at night too!

Now I have some Crumb quilting giveaway items to take care of too.  Martingale and Company was so great and sent some prizes for me to giveaway to some of you who made Crumb Quilts with me.  First on the list is Tonya Ricucci’s great book “Word Play Quilts”.

I used this book as a guide for making my alphabet letters that surround my Crumb quilt.


There are so many cute fun ideas in the book.  I love this quilt.

I love this one too.

The book is filled with inspiring ideas to add letters to so many projects.  I went back and sorted through all the names of people who worked on the crumb quilts when we were “crumbling along”….Here are the winners…Beatrice in France who blogs here and Quilting Bibliopagist.

I have another fun book that Martingale and Company sent for a giveaway was “Out of the Box:  Unleash Your Creativity Through Quilts” by Mary Lour Weidman.

This book is SO fun! I was smiling and giggling the whole time I looked at the book.  I love this quilt…the words say, “If the only prayer you say in life is thank you, that will be enough”.

Of course the chicken lover in me appreciated this quilt.

This one is so true!!  “I feel like a witch if I don’t get time to stitch!”  LOVE IT!!

The winner is Elaine M. who blogs here.

Years ago I would never have imagined me making a crumb quilt.  I want things all to match and look perfect.  I am finding that my quilting tastes are changing…I used to think I only wanted to make this style or that style of quilt.  I am finding that now I just want to make them all!!  That’s scary isn’t it!!  I do know that one thing does stay consistent.  I like my quilt scrappy.

I have two copies of “Out of the Box with Easy Blocks” by Mary Loud Weidman and Melanie Bautista McFarland.

This book is different from the first book Mary Lou did.  This one really tells and shows how to make some of the blocks from her fun quilts.  Here she shows directions for making the letters.

The authors put together easy projects with clear directions that show the basics. The projects are small.  They aren’t difficult.  They give the reader a place to build some confidence with free from piecing techniques.

I love this spread on creating faces.  They give LOTS of tips to help make each face unique.

All and all, it’s a fun book for anyone wanting to try free formed piecing.

The winners are Kathy who blogs here  and Cheryl who blogs here.

So sorry about the delays in getting these winners posted.  When a blogger writes a post, they can set the post to publish at a certain time.  Apparently, I didn’t set it to the correct time…THANKS so much to Martingale and Company and to Ecolux Lighting for AWESOME giveaways!!

8 thoughts on “WINNERS….lots of them!!”

  1. WOW! Thank you for the win. Looking forward to seeing more of the book and having the creative juices running. Thanks Jo for all the giveaways!

  2. I am so excited! I am thinking that I will use this book to help me with my crumb quilt. It’s only fitting since you started that project, and your book gift will help me to finish it…it was meant to be!! Thanks so much!

  3. Oh, no! I forgot that I had entered your give-away, and I have since bought the book on my own! How funny: I never win things and the one time I do it turns out to be something I already have! Thank you so much, but probably the best thing to do would be to draw another name out of the hat and award the prize to some other quilter. At least I had the thrill of winning. Thank you so much for the fun I had sewing along on the crumb blocks. I enjoy your blog every day.


  4. Jo, I was out of town when I got your email, I wanted to run over and shout THANKS!- I look forward to the book, (I actually bought a copy so I will use this one as a door prize- win win)

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