WINNERS…Are You One?

Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Tour is over and it’s time to pick winners.  Honestly, had I not gotten a reminder note from Quiltmaker I would have forgotten all about picking winners.  It’s a good thing they are on top of everything!

We are actually picking three winners…

The first person drawn gets a copy of our book, Country Girl Modern, and a copy of the 100 Blocks Volume 11.


That winner is….Donna W. who said, “I am an old friend! Love ready your blog ~ whether it be about quilting, your house(has been so much fun following along with your journey) or just about your life. Thanks”

The second person drawn gets a copy of 100 Blocks Volumes 11, 9, 8 and 7.

That winner is….MaryAnn who said, “I have been reading your blog for over a year now, so I’m an old friend.  I’ve also been following you on facebook so I can catch your newest news.  Congratulations on both your success and Kelli’s in the world of quilting.”

The final person drawn will get copy of 100 Blocks Volume 11 courtesy of Quiltmaker.

That Winner is…Judy who said, “Thanks for the giveaway. Hope this is not too late. I am in Australia so we have a time difference with you.”

Thanks to all who entered and didn’t win.  If you’re one of the those who waits to order after you see you didn’t win, you are welcome to do that…you can find the info to order our book here.

Watch for November to roll around.  They are already working on Volume 12!!


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