Winners Abound!

I did that thing I sometimes do again…I got so busy doing all the things I have to do or love to do and completely forgot to announce winners.  SORRY.

The winner of the Thundershirt for dogs is….Jill Klop

The winner of this goodie pack from the “Beat the Winter Blues Blog Hop” is….Jean.


The winner of the bonus bunch of goodies that I offered if I made over 1000 facebook followers  is…..Rose.

Thanks to everyone who played along and helped me get over 1000 facebook followers.  I hope that hopping over that 1000 mark makes the blog more marketable to potential companies and that they will send more goodies my way, and I can send those goodies out to all of you.  THANKS!!

We do have another giveaway going on here if you missed it!

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