Winner of Christmas Fabric

Last week I offered up my scraps that were left over from my Jingle Bell Square quilt.


I included the magazine with the pattern in it too.

The winner is…. Josie who said, “I have made a Halloween but not a Christmas yet. Its on my list’s! And i love Bonnies!! Great giveaway!! Thanks for a chance!”

This quilt was so fun to make.  I had made a Christmas quilt before…but only one.

Currently we have three beds in the house.  I should probably make one more Christmas quilt so then all the bed in the house would have one.  As much as I would like for that to happen, I don’t anticipate it happening as I have so many quilts cut out right now that I should finish up some of them first.

Well…Happy sewing Josie.  I hope you love make Jingle Bell Square as much as I did!

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