Wine Glass Coaster Tutorial with Accuquilt Go!

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I’ve been scrambling around making a few gifts.  Here’s my yesterday project…Wine Glass Coasters.


I made mine with my Accuquilt Go! but they can be made using a 5″ circle pattern as well.

To start you will need four pieces of fabric that are 5.5″ and one piece of batting that is 5.5″.  Layer two of the pieces of fabric with a piece of batting and machine quilt.  Cut it into a five inch circle.  Cut the two other pieces of fabric into five inch circles too.


The quilted fabric goes through your Go! cutter too….just cut one layer at a time.

Fold the fabric circles in half.  Iron.  Lay them on the quilted fabric circle as shown, pin.


Sew…But before you do, take time to measure the base of your wine glass.  Mine are 3″ so I am going to be sewing a 5/8″ seam allowance.  If your glasses have a wider base, make the seam allowance smaller.


Cut and trim as shown.


Turn right side out.


Make sure to smooth out the seam.  Press.  Then top stitch a small 1/4″ seam from the edge.


Repeat the whole process three more times and you will have a sew of four wine glass coasters.  You could easily liven them up with funky fabric or piece fabric strips together before you cut them into circles.   You could embroider the person’s name on the folder circle before you stitch the coaster together….there are lots of fun possibilities.

If you like to see tutorials in video format, you can check out my video here.

Keep checking back all week long for more quick easy gift ideas made with your Accuquilt Go!

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