Wild Child: What Size??

I have learned that in between things I need to have a “me” project..something that isn’t work…something that isn’t for a gift…something I want to sew for no other reason than just to sew.  My Garden Party quilt was that but now that the top is complete I need something else.

So I’m moving my Wild Child quilt up so it’s on a front burner.  The border fabric was gifted to me.  I bought the teal fabric with a gift certicate from my cousin..and now…


I’ve made some good progress on getting the the centers pieced and the triangles cut out…but then I looked at the size of the quilt.


It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt and you can find the pattern in String Fling.  She has it listed as 77″ x 93″.

I like bigger quilts.  There is nothing wrong with the size but for us, at my house, all beds are full or queen.  Just in case we’d use it on a bed I’d like it big enough for that.

Now that leaves me with a debate.
The blocks alternate white and teal back ground based.  I’d happily add a block onto each row…but that leaves the top row starting and ending with a teal block and the bottom row starting and ending with a white block.  UGH.

That leaves me thinking that I need to add another row to the bottom too.  That means that the bottom row will start and end with a teal block too.  I’m okay with that.  Now all corner blocks would be teal.  So now it’s time to count.  How many more blocks do I need?

That means 10 more teal and 9 more white.  That’s do-able.

Being the quilt was originally 77″ x 93″ and the block finished size is 8″ that means the quilt with the extra blocks will now finish at 85″ x 101″.  I’m good with that.  That will cover my beds just fine and I’ll easily still have enough border fabric to make it all work.

Okay now that I have that all figured it’s time to get back to work and finish cutting the quilt.

4 thoughts on “Wild Child: What Size??”

  1. Curious minds want to know, Jo, do you ever sleep? You accomplish so much, you must need little sleep. Good job on sorting the patches.


  2. I always have to make my quilts larger too. I don’t understand what people do with small quilts, they must not use them on beds. But with 2 sons and a SIL that are all over 6 feet, little quilts are unusable here. Wild Child is going to be a very pretty quilt, nice and bright.

  3. I’m a ‘make the quilt bigger’ kind of gal too. We use our quilts on beds and for napping and we don’t want any toes peeking out when we snuggle with them. Thinking I may need to make this one.

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