Why We Bought the House…A.K.A Woodwork!!

If you haven’t check in with us lately, we bought a foreclosure, fixer upper house.

Yesterday I told you what we didn’t like about the house….today I have pictures of what we LOVE about the house.  Keep in mind no one has lived here for some time.  When I took this photo, I was standing in the kitchen doorway.  You can see the dining room, where my office will go to the left and the living room in the distance.


This is one of the built ins in the dining room.


This is a closet in the office.  The window next to it will have to be closed in as the garage addition will go there.


Most old house are chopped up.  This one isn’t.   I think that’s why we love it.  This view is from the dining room to the office.  The upper part of the window is etched glass.


Now here if the opposite.  This is from the office to the dining room.  My kids insist that the chandelier is going to have to go.  What do you think??


This is the stairs.  We have sheet rock work to do there…but more wood…


This photo is taken standing by the stairs and looking into the “parlor”.  Can you see that wad of dust hanging from the ceiling fan…UGH.  


This is from the corner of the parlor looking to the rest of the house.


That right there sold us on the house….Woodwork and hard wood floors…I know it’s beat up but we’re okay with that.  Hubby needs another project anyway right??

I’m starting to contemplate paint colors…any suggestions??  I’ll repaint but I kind of like the deep red in the dining room and the color in the parlor.  I know some people might suggest white to lighten it all up but I think the darker colors to keep it looking warm is more my style.

I know there will be lots of days when I come back to look at these pictures to remind myself exactly what I love about the house because I know through this fix up there will be days that will make me wonder what was I thinking..and when I do, remind me, it was all because of the woodwork.

31 thoughts on “Why We Bought the House…A.K.A Woodwork!!”

  1. I love the chandelier! I noticed it in the first picture before you even asked about it! It ‘goes’ with the house! You’ve got some beautiful woodwork there! I think it would be fun to be able to ‘do’ a house the way you want to! I can just tell, it’s going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see pictures of your progress!

  2. I’m so happy for you, it’s beautiful. I LOVE the woodwork and hardwood floors. Please keep us posted with lots of photos. The other day I read your post about Ruby, I was SO upset for her (she looked so sad) I couldn’t even put it into words. I hope you found the culprits and wrung their necks. ;-> Toni Anne

  3. THis is a real diamond! Some folks can’t see what can be done with a house, but glad you guys could see it, my husband would not have seen it. It is a beauty and will be stunning when you are done. I am with you, I love the warm colors, and those are what I have in my own home. Looking forward to following your new journey with you.

  4. Its beautiful! I see why you fell in love. It is a diamond in the rough and you will all LOVE it when it is all done! I would have bought it too! =)

  5. I love all the woodwork, too! It will be fun to see your progress. The woodwork reminds me of the two houses I grew up in. Enjoy the process!

  6. What beautiful bones this home has! I can’t wait to follow your renovation project – I would love to do that someday. I think you are on the right track with paint colours, the red is fabulous in the dining room and what comes across on the screen as warm yellow is great and really showcases the woodwork. The office colour is too cool, and a good example of what not to use! White would not do any justice, in my opinion.

    Will you be staying on the farm during the renovation, or will you be moving to the house once the basics are done?

  7. Beautiful wood! I can see that house has soooo much potential.
    I just read a few days ago about cleaning ceiling fans. Use a pillowcase. Slide the case over the blade, then wipe the blade. All the dust goes directly into the pillow case. When you are finished, go outside, turn the pillowcase inside out, and shake the dirt away. Easy!

  8. I love the wood but I think if you choose lighter colors that are still warm it would really make the wood stand out and keep the warmth that all that lovely wood provides. It’s beautiful and can’t wait to see all that you do–it will be great.

  9. Beautiful! I love old houses and it will be a lot of work to get it where you want it but it is worth it!

  10. Oh my the beautiful woodwork I would love to have an old house like this. As for the red, it looks like the accent wall in my front room, Glidden color Wild Sangria. and the other walls are slate green. I LOVE IT, it is beautiful, the green walls really lighten up the red, but the red is so dramatic. Congrats on a great find, where is the sewing room going? My front room is my sewing room, it was to be the formal living room, but it’s my house and my decision, lol.

  11. Beautiful house! I love all that woodwork, you just don’t see that in newer homes. Personally, I think that lighter colored walls would be nice with the darker woodwork, but that’s JMHO! I’m sure it will be lovely when you get it just the way you want! Congratulations!

  12. I remember a post you wrote some time back regarding your frustrations when a house you were bidding on was pulled by the owner. As I look at this beauty, I know that everything happens for a reason and everything works together for good in God’s own time. This home has so much character. I know that with your elbow grease and some TLC, it is going to be everything you dreamed of and more! Congrats!

  13. You are right Jo and you do well. I’m so happy for you. Wood work and hard wood floor are fabulous.
    From here, in France (Paris) I follow what your are planning for your house, the problems you’ll meet but the pleasure then to live in a house so gorgeous. I understand perfectly what you feel I had the same chance three years ago and now I am so perfectly please at home. Congratulations and believe me, it’s just of course work and patience, even if you said a few days ago that you are not patient. The house deserve it and YOU diserve it. I am looking forword for your reportage while progressing.

  14. I TOTALLY see why you fell in LOVE with this house!! LOVE the woodwork and the hardwood floors!! The rest is just paint! Can’t wait to see the ‘after’ pictures!!

  15. Your new home is a diamond in the rough you should feel proud to have found it. I can’t wait to see what the two of you do with it.

  16. I love it. It makes me think of the houses in the show Rehab Addict. Nichole redoes old houses to meet the original look with the beauty of woodwork. You might be interested in this show for ideas.

  17. I like the chandelier, but may do a fancier one for that area. It would great as an accent in another room. As for colors, I love warm colors but don’t like the dark, depressing look that can sometimes come with them so I use a bold dark color as an accent on a few walls, nook, or corner. I then choose a coordinating lighter color for the rest of the wall. Keeping it semi neutral, tapes, yellow, etc, lets me decorate for all occasions without being stuck in a particular season. Think Fig Tree colors or French General neutrals. My two cents :)

  18. Denise Briggs

    I am so excited for you and I can see why you have fallen in love with the potential you see. Welcome to the fold of DIY, this OLD HOUSE and elbow grease.

    You will decide on the electrical needs and style as you get your personal traffic areas addressed.

    We have lived in our home for 34 years, it is now 106 years old. We have kept the space original, with upgrades necessary to modern life.

    Congratulations. I think the style you share in your blog is great, you are going to shine with this new endeavor!

  19. Love this house, the woodwork and the colors perfect. Looking forward to many pictures. By the way where is the sewing room (studio) going to be?
    Lynda Maram

  20. I love the chandelier, too, but I would move it into the master bath if you have one…just imagining the luxurious bubble bath after a long day…ahhh!!! The woodwork is FANTASTIC and will be beautiful with a bit of polish and fresh paint on the walls. How about going for creamy colors maybe with warm beiges? That would lighten things up with a homey feel without the stark white hospital feel.

  21. WOW – it’s amazing! I like the chandelier – it suits the house. Perhaps it will be better received once it’s cleaned up and sparkling again. The woodwork looks like it’s in fantastic condition (or is that your great photos?). I’m excited that you’re going to be restoring this gem of a house so she can shine again!

  22. What beautiful woodwork. I think you have a wonderful project, and the woodwork and floors are worth their weight in gold. There are lots of things to do with the chandelier if you don’t like it the way it is, but they are becoming way more popular now with DIYers. You can get ideas at houzz.com and on pinterest. I came to your blog for the quilts, but now I am anxious to watch your house progress. Re: the paint colors. I heard someone say once that her walls told her what color they wanted to be – lol – maybe that will happen for you! :)

  23. i think Anita is right; a ‘French General’ red would look better in the dining room. it would be a few tones lighter than what you have now, and will blend in better with the other paint colors. The ice blue of your office, i would change to a Prussian Blue–much bolder and in keeping with the red dining room and the mustard in the living room.
    When you get those three colors together they will give the woodwork the punch it deserves.

  24. Gorgeous!!! I love older houses like that too. I think it’s horrible when they paint all that gorgeous wood white like they did in my house.

  25. I love the woodwork and I think your house is going to be beautiful and all the hard work worth it when it is finished. I would leave the chandelier and think it fits with the house.

  26. After seeing your photos, I think this house needs a little love, cleaning and possibly paint. Not near as bad as I was imagining. You’re right the addition doesn’t “go” with the original house, way to “modern”. This will be a fun project for all of you. Good luck and keep the pictures coming.

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