Why am I up so EARLY….

I am typically not a late sleeper…not a super early sleeper either.  6:30 is about right.  Today…I was awake at 5 am.  UGH!

I guess I’ll make good use of my time.  I’ll make the blocks to finish a row on this….My crumb quilt.


I sewed my crumbs together to see how big my quilt was getting…..Right now I have determined I need one more row for the center section.  Then it will be a narrow border.  Then it’s going to have a border of mostly star blocks.

This quilt just seems to be calling and calling…finish me!  Finish me!  Well I’ll be honest.  I don’t know if the quilt is calling finish me, finish me or if this mess is calling….CLEAN ME UP!!


I love making crumb blocks, but after a bit, it begins to feel like a bomb went off in my sewing room!

8 thoughts on “Why am I up so EARLY….

  1. Jeanne Gwin

    I can’t wait to see the finished project. I have a ton of fabric that would be so workable for this type of project. You’re and amazing woman Jo. :)

  2. Donna

    I’m also amazed at this crumb quilt. I’m not sure I could handle blocks this small – but I’ll bet you have a lot of leaders and enders in your pile too! Beautiful job – looking forward to seeing the completed quilt!

  3. Judy D in WA

    It’s fabulous! And look at you go, it will be finished in no time and your room will be back in order patiently waiting for you to start on the next one. :)

  4. Michelle

    Definitely my favorite of all the crumb quilts I’ve seen — I love the stars and hearts and nine patches! (Did you get the email I sent the other night? My regular account isn’t cooperating and I had to resend it from a different address)


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