Who is Who?

Okay blog fans…can you guess??

Hubby and I have been working at the house this week.  Our task:  Remove the plaster and lathes from the ceiling.

One if us is working in the office being neat and methodical taking the plaster off only in segments as wide as the lathe-working carefully across the entire length of the room.  See the neat and tidy work?


One of us is haphazard removing plaster and lathe in no apparent pattern or plan leaving some places-taking off only plaster in places and leaving sections of lathe on the ceiling.  Nothing about this work is methodical at all.


So dear blog readers…here is my question.  Who is who?  Which one of us is working in the office being methodical and neat?  Which one of us is working in the dining room haphazard and messy?

We have a crew of kids coming home to help us this weekend so I am hoping the next time you see these ceiling all you’ll see is the upstairs floor boards.

Just for fun, leave a comment here with your guess as to who is who.  Is it Hubby who is neat and organized or is it me?

37 thoughts on “Who is Who?”

  1. It really doesn’t matter which way you do it. It still gets done. I remember doing that in an old house when I was in my teens. A dusty, messy job, and we didn’t have much ventilation.

  2. I am going to say that hubby is the neat, organized one. I have done many of these projects over my lifetime and although I start out neat and organized, I end up haphazard and messy. In the end, it all gets done, though.

  3. I have to agree with other comments that it is hubby. We as quilters seem to go wide open and make a mess in our sewing room then after finished clean and reorganize

  4. I’m guessing that your hubby is neat and methodical. I usually start out that way and then just start making a mess. Looking Good!!

  5. I think I’ll go with hubby as the neat and organized one although it is a tough call. Quilt requires organization but sometimes it isn’t evident until the end. Enjoying hearing the tale ot you remodeling!

  6. All I hope is that both of you are wearing masks and goggles on your faces to keep the dust out of your noses, mouths, and eyes. Hubby is the neat one, I think. But no one will care if it gets done without harm.

  7. I’m going with the others that it is hubby who is the neat and methodical one. i think with all his experience as a farm hand working back and forth, up and down the rows with the harvesting and planting and cultivating thru the years, has him trained to be neat and orderly in his removal of the lath and plaster. Just like farming– doing one section at a time gets it all done.

  8. Being a quilter and I know how my work area is . I have to say Jo you are the messy one and your husband is the neat one. Because my husband is the neat one not me.

  9. Hubby is neat and organized. You are also organized, but have enough methodical experiences with quilting, so you’ve decided to mix it up a bit while removing the plaster!

  10. I say it is hubby that is neat, we are doing some work on our property as well, and since I would rather be in the studio than building walls, I will get it done in any fashion I think is the fastest, who cares about neat, I have to sweep up in the end and I bet you do too. Hope it goes smooth and fast for you.

  11. This is fun – I would say hubby is the neat one – you would rather be sewing or quilting – just lef me get this done so I can do things I like…
    Soon you will have a wonderful home for all to gather in and enjoy each other..

  12. I think your hubby is the neat one. But regardless, in the end, does it really matter? As long as the job gets done! My guess is the the messy person gets done first!

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