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While Mom and Kalissa worked on getting their booth and such set up for White Barns last Friday, I volunteered to stay home and watch the childcare kiddos.  We had a blast…or atleast I did…but  I truly have no idea how mom does it day in and out!  It was really nice to hang out with the kiddos because I don’t get to see them nearly enough.  When I was in nursing school, I had a much more flexible schedule.  Now I’m usually working atleast 40, but up to 60 hours a week of days and nights, floor and office shifts, so it gets interesting.  It is so awesome though to just hang out with one of my favorite 4 year olds who just wanted to hang with me because she likes me and didn’t care that my hair was a hot mess or that I was feeling bummed and punky after my surgery.  She just wanted to hang because I was her Kelli!

After all of the kiddos left, I headed down to Hawkeye to see how things were going.  When we got there, I was able to chat with Mom and meet one of their awesome neighbors.  She told me a little of her backstory.

While growing up, her dad had always told her that she would never be broke if she had a pickup.  After getting a divorce, she found herself pretty close to that point, but since she had a pickup, she started mowing lawns and doing yardwork for people.  One of her jobs lead her to a pile of corrugated tin.  Eventually with some encouragement from family, she learned how to use a plasma cutter of a family member and she started creating!

She kept creating and making things and eventually had enough stock and attended a “market” show where wholesalers were able to sell their goods that they had created to larger retailers.  After attending Market, she had orders just pouring in and was having a really hard time keeping up with orders and working her full time job.  After a conversation with her husband, it was decided that she was going to need to quit her full time job and do what she loved!

It’s stories like this that just make me happy!  While I’ll likely never be able to do this (because of insurance and student loans), I am so happy for those that are able to and love to support them when I can!  I snapped a few pictures of her booth–You will love her things!

Arent these flamingos super cute?  And the pineapples next to it are awesome too!

I also love these birds!  She had a few different sizes and I wish I would have gotten one for my flower wall/desk that I’ll be showing you soon.

Wouldn’t these make a perfect gift?

And she does letters!  I believe that these are made of old ceiling tin.

And I loved these!  Wouldnt’ they make a cute addition to any garden?!?!

These however are my favorite!  I ended up getting myself a dragon fly and then got Kayla, Kalissa, mom and myself each a red flower.  They are magnets, so they can be hung up to remind us that sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone, encounter the uncomfortable, and take a leap of faith!

If you’d like to follow Rusted Lace on facebook, you can do so through this link.  You will have to have facebook in order to view their page and it may prompt you to log in–https://www.facebook.com/RustedLace1/.

Also–If you are a shop owner and happen to be looking for some very unique handmade goods, check her out as I know that she does do some wholesale pricing too!

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  1. Carolyn Sullivan

    that was very interesting on how she got started. She is very talented. I also love her display!
    Where and when is this White Barn sale you are talking about?

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