Whirlwind Weekend

You might remember that first weekend of the month we all got together but Buck and family didn’t make it as the kids were sick.  They decided they wanted Grandma time so came up last weekend.

Karl has a list of stuff that needs doing at his house and Buck offered to help if I’d watch the kids.  Happily, Kalissa didn’t work so she and I managed the kids while the guys worked at Karl’s house.

Karl managed to get up super early on Saturday morning and drove to the best bakery in Elkader Iowa.  He brought back treats…lots of treats.  One of our favorite things ever is their deep-fried croissants.  They are to die for.  Here is Kalissa eating hers!  They are amazingly good and worth every penny…and every calorie.

Gannon who always gets mad if we take a picture agreed to a picture of him and me making cookies…but then he had this goofy look.  We were making the Ritz cracker, peanut butter, and almond bark cookies.  They are a grandma staple here.  I make them every time Buck’s kids come.

Here is a picture of Lilly and me…

Lilly was so good.  She is such a sweet soul.  She just turned 2 and isn’t quite big enough to run all day with the big kids so she chilled with Kalissa.  They read books, rocked, and took a nap together.

Kalissa did Lucy’s hair…as is the tradition.

The kids played outside the ENTIRE day on Saturday.  The weather was perfect.  They were outside with no coats.  They were supposed to wear shoes but Gannon ditched his…Check out those socks.  Oh my word.  The big boys ditched their socks and shoes.

If you’re keeping track left to right is Carver, Scotty, Gannon, and Lucy.  I’m so glad Gannon got big enough to play with the “big cousins”.  The kids shrieked and hollered all afternoon hanging off the playset, swinging on the swings, and going down the slide.  They were just dirt from head to toes.

I really think they had a blast together.  While they played, I sat and cross-stitched watching them.  It was so fun watching their antics.

Lucy ended up getting a little windburn on her cheeks.  I didn’t realize it until she came in.  Here the girls are playing with the caterpillars I made.  Lucy loves anything that’s creative and busy.

Scotty and Gannon were busy playing with the magnetic tiles.  I have THESE.

Magnetic tiles are a toy they love and I love.  I love to have toys here that I can sit and play with them…this is for sure one of those kids.

Here, my lap is almost too small for two.

It was the perfect weather for a perfect weekend.  It was so fun.

Lucy spent so much time on the glider swing that I think I am going to surprise their family and order them one for their swingset.  I am so glad that I got the big playset.  If you missed the swingset post, you can read it HERE.

Last year I was so disappointed.  The kids didn’t really play on it at all…as in maybe the swings but that was it.  They never used the rest of it.  It was so disappointing.   I went through all that work and worry to get it and nothing.  The kids didn’t play on it.

They played so much this weekend that it completely balanced out and I’m thrilled that we put it up.

I didn’t get my swing set painted last year.  It’s on the to-do list this year.

I’m so glad the kids loved it!  It was so fun to have everyone here this weekend…so fun!!

8 thoughts on “Whirlwind Weekend”

  1. Isn’t it the perfect day when all the grand kids – or at least a good amount – are there to play? I sure miss that! So glad your weekend was fun.
    Love and prayers

  2. I love it when my 3 grandkids are here. Even the 13 year old gets in to the swing of things with the 11 year old cousin and her 8 year old brother.

  3. What a great report! You definitely have created the perfect Grandma house. And I admire your patience and attitude of just enjoying every moment. I make a much-requested almond bark “cookie” (really, it’s a candy) made with Rice Krispies, chunky peanut butter, dry-roasted peanuts, and mini marshmallows. Funny how toys can appeal to kids at different times. A few weeks ago I went to our local Palmetto Quilt Guild show and while there bought two cute quilted bean bag frogs made of batik fabric. I didn’t think the grandsons (6 and 10) would be interested but thought I’d put them on the guest room beds for decoration. The boys came in the door a few days later, discovered them instantly, were delighted, claimed them and carried them around all day, begging to take them home. Who knew??

  4. Such a fun day and I’m sure those kiddos all slept well that night! It is always so fun to cook or bake with the grands. So glad you can spend time with family!

  5. Bonnie in Poquonnock Bridge, CT

    What fun!! i will be looking forward to a similar time on Easter. Can’t wait! Sending Easter blessings your way.

  6. Anytime spent with Grands is a great time!!! My Grandson Sam has been loving those magnetic tiles too. He will build stuff for hours if left alone by his brother. I only have one Granddaughter, but at 14, she is getting to be the boss of the five boys (17-7) and they need her as safety officer!!! They do some pretty dumb stuff, but she is always there to tell them it doesn’t look safe, etc. Enjoy, I sure do when I have mine together or separately, I don’t care! Hugs,

  7. Kids are so much fun in the summer when they can run and play. It is exciting to see them running and screaming with joy. It has been a long winter and everybody is ready to romp and play. Good for you and them.

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