Whirlwind in West Union

Oh my goodness….What a crazy couple of days.  It’s all a good kind of crazy…the crazy fun and crazy tired kind of days!!

If you don’t know Bonnie Hunter is in my neighborhood.  Three long years ago we Kelli and I looked at Bonnie’s schedule hoping to see her again and just couldn’t quite figure out how we could travel to do it.  That’s when we decided hey…we are Iowa girls.  So if “we build it they will come”….and that’s what we did.  We booked Bonnie to come and started to try to figure out how we could possibly make that work.

We book  Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden and Retreat center and once that was filled and more and more people were trying to get in we changed up the schedule and booked Moonlight Stitching Studio and Sisters Retreat over in West Union too.  Between the two locations we have about 60 ladies sewing with us and my oh my it’s FUN!!  Kelli and I are teaching at one location with Bonnie at the other.  Our daughter Kayla is over helping out Bonnie’s group so she’s getting in on the fun too.

I’ve have loved most every minute.  I met up with one of my old friends and even met my new best friend.

I do feel a little bad though.  I get so busy chatting and talking that I forget to take pictures.  It’s a good and bad thing….I guess it goes to show that I am living and loving the moments so much that I don’t think about the camera and blogging later-the bad part though is that I have no good pictures.   I did take some pictures of the show and share but I think the gals will be showing Bonnie the same quilts so I’ll let Bonnie do the photo gallery.

I will show you one photo though…..Here’s my new best friend, Connie and my old friend Nell.


I met Nell on the right years ago in Storm Lake, Iowa….she’s a fun-fun gal.  She brought a whole contingent with her…and we immediately found we loved all of them too.

To the right is Connie.  She’s a true sweetie.  What can say …my whole group was honestly filled with sweeties like Connie but Connie was my first self proclaimed best friend of the event…by the end of our time in West Union, I had a many more “best friends”.

Again..100 apologies for my lack of photo taking (I know many of you are trying to live vicariously through the photos)…here is a photo of many of the gals from the group.  We had a couple girls out to supper when this was snapped.  I wish we’d have gotten a full picture.

All of my group were excellent with quilters.  They needed VERY little instructions.  In fact, I think we learned more from then they learned from us.

Many asked if we’d have a get together next year…and I’ll say this.  We are thinking about it.

Another I missed was hanging out with Bonnie.  Being we were both at different venues 30 minutes apart we didn’t get to see each other much.  We did get a chance to snap a photo of my Spoolin’ Around Quilt with Bonnie though.


As sad as I am to know my experience with the West Union group is over I can say that I’m really excited to go and meet the gals in Oelwein.

I promise…I’ll try to snap more pictures tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Whirlwind in West Union”

  1. I want to Thank Jo and Kelli for a great retreat !! You have shared your talents with us and we have the start to two beautiful quilts. You also shared a Taste of Iowa. I have a great picture of Kelli with her doughnut! You shared your hospitality, stories and family and made us feel very welcomed. I have great memories and pictures ;) !! Thank you for finding two places to have the retreat. We have one more day with Bonnie and then we all head home. I am very sad to see this come to an end, but I am looking forward to many more retreats. THANK YOU!!

  2. Congrats! Your spool quilt turned out beautiful. Love the pink and green. :o) So glad you got to snap a quick pic with Bonnie, it’s like the icing on the cake!

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