Whirl Wind Week: Talent Show

Our daughter Kalissa writes her own music and performs all summer long at the local talent shows.  During the winter, she posts songs to her Youtube channel.   Here’s a link to her channel if  you want to check her out.

At this particular talent show she decided to try a duet with another local gal….singing the Wrecker’s, “Leave the Pieces When You Go”.

I personally like it best when she sings alone and sings her own original music.   I think it’s just more heart felt and shows her talent better but it was fun to try something different.  The girl she sang with is a sweetie and has a great voice.

Kalissa prefers song writing over performing and I think has a secret dream of one day being a song writer….but know that probably won’t happen.  Here’ a link to my favorite song she wrote.

Kalissa was making fun of Kelli and I….we spent the evening stitching, watching and listening.

The Fayette County Fair hosted a great talent show…and I got some stitching in.

4 thoughts on “Whirl Wind Week: Talent Show”

  1. Our town features free concerts once a week for the months of July/August. I can ‘listen’ better when I’m stiching. I am usually doing wool applique. Glad there are other like me.

  2. Your daughter has a beautiful voice! Has she ever tried out for any of the musical TV reality shows? Her voice is so clear and pure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the how to be safe at Wal-mart – so they’re the ones who were throwing products on the ground and I had to cleanup after them! LOL! You have some talented daughters there – so much to be proud of.

  4. Love that you were stitching! When we go to football games (college), there is a woman who knits! Sock, I think, since she has double pointed needles.

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