Where We’re Published: American Patchwork and Quilting

Lookie, Lookie!!  I made the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting.  It’s always exciting whenever we have a quilt published and even more exciting if we can be the cover!!

It’s the February 2022 issue.  You can start trying to find it on the newsstands now.

Of course this quilt has a story…don’t all of the quilts I design have a back story?  This one certainly does.  Grab a cup of coffee or drink and read on…

First off, this quilt was inspired by a vintage quilt I found when Kalissa and I were out and about.  We were shopping at a vintage store in Sumner, Iowa called Maker’s Market.  It’s a fun and cute little shop that Kalissa actually sells her shirts at.  I love it when she invites me along.  Kalissa snapped this picture of me with the quilt.  My intention was to go home and draw it up on EQ.

I got home and ugh…it wasn’t working.  I ended up back at the shop about a month later and the quilt was still there.  I’d been thinking about the quilt all that time..I looked at it again.  Man, I loved the quilt.  I just bought it.

I got the quilt home and was so disappointed.  The quilt blocks had inset seams.  UGH.  I didn’t want to recreate that!!  I can do them but I didn’t want to do enough to make the quilt.  UGH.  I let the quilt sit.  I was so disappointed that I spent the money and now wasn’t going to reproduce it.

The quilt sat on my dining room table for a month.  UGH.  Every time I passed it I was disappointed.  I only spent about $50 on it and that wasn’t terrible…but still.

Then one day I decided I was going to sell it at the next postage auction.  I picked it up to take pictures and WAIT.  With a little modification, I thought I could make the block without y-seams.

Here is the block I came up with…YES!!  It’s slightly different than the original but I felt good about it.

I had to learn a new technique on EQ but finally figured out how to make the border with it.  This is the quilt I came up with.  YES!!  This is what I had in mind.

I immediately ran to the sewing room but stopped.  I decided to submit the quilt before I decided what fabrics to make it with.

With the submission, I wrote that I was willing to make it in whatever color or genre they wanted.  I had thought about 30s prints.  I had thought about batiks and brights…but Jody, the editor at American Patchwork and Quilting surprised me when she said yes she would love it for the magazine and suggested reproduction fabrics.  Hmm.  YES.  I was up for that.

Here is how the block worked out on the actual quilt.

Covid was new and fresh when this all happened.  Stores were closed or had weird circumstances for shopping so I decided to contact Marcus Fabrics and see if they might be interested in supplying the fabric for this quilt and happily they were.

The pretty pink and most of the other fabrics are from them.  I did dig into my scrap bin and pulled a few more for variety.

Here’s the quilt all finished and at my house…

I LOVE THIS QUILT!!  I love the work, struggle, and excitement that went into this quilt.

I’m happy I made it in reproduction fabrics!!  If you are considering making this, look closely at the colors I used.  I stayed far away from browns.  I leaned more towards lighter blues.  I added as many purples, yellows, and oranges as I could find.  I tried to always opt for brighter fabrics but still reproduction fabrics.

I tried really hard to make the blocks scrappy.  I tried to do something different in each block.  I tried to not make them too “matchy”.

My rule in picking fabric was to break the rules.  One block would have a dark center and the next a light.  One would have spinners that matched the center-the next wouldn’t.

The binding is the same as the pink in the sashing.

When I was making this quilt I cut out too many blocks.  I decided to save them and then when the quilt was published I’d do a tutorial on the construction of the blocks.

The construction isn’t hard but it’s not an easy block either.  I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.  A little tutorial might help.

I’m not going to pick an exact date for that…but it will be sometime in January depending on how I’m feeling.

I think I already have enough blocks cut out to make a throw for my living room.  I will need to pick a new pink fabric as there isn’t enough of that but that’s okay…

I had the backing fabric in my stash and wanted to use it.  It has pink and blue and is a reproduction fabric.

I thought I’d take some pictures of the original quilt.  I still love it.

When I make my next one with those of you what to sew along, my plan is to add the scrappy squares on the top and bottom.

The blocks in the original are really quirky.  The backgrounds aren’t always the same color.

The centers had pieces added to them to bring them up to size.

If they ran out of fabrics they put it what they had.  It’s it just precious?

Can you imagine truly only using what you have and truly having a limited supply?  We all are so spoiled with our fabric stashes.

Here is a better look at the top and bottom border…

I think I might actually put that scrappy border on all sides.  We’ll see.

You can see that there are lots of blacks in this…

The binding method was a little unusal.

I had so much fun on this project.  I am so glad I bought the quilt and decided to reproduce it.

Looking at the original and then looking at my version reminds me of how truly blessed I am.  I have modern tools.  I have a sewing machine.  I have the means that I can buy matching fabrics.  How blessed we are!!

I have another quilt here that I bought that I’m thinking about reproducing…actually two.  Stay tuned…

If you want to sew along, grab a magazine and let’s get together after the new year.

61 thoughts on “Where We’re Published: American Patchwork and Quilting”

  1. Beautiful quilt. I would sew along with you but I’m backed up as it is. Will buy the magazine though so maybe someday.
    And yes, we are spoiled with enough fabric to make one block at a time with all the same fabric.

  2. I really love it Jo and so glad you are published! If anyone sees a copy of your quilt in the magazine- please remember me and let me know. I’ll send them the money to buy me a copy. We have one grocery store in town and I haven’t seen quilt or any type of magazines in it. Closest store is miles and miles away.
    I hope to see your others ones too. Blessings to you Jo

  3. I love the story and seeing the closeups of the old and new quilts. Her use of scraps is wonderful. I will have to buy this magazine to have your pattern. Thanks for the story and inspiration.

  4. Jo, Congratulations on being on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting!! It is a great quilt and I’m so glad that you reproduced it and are going to share it with us all in a sew along. I don’t have a project to work on come the new year so I will start to gather my fabrics for when you are ready. Yea! I can’t wait to get my copy of the magazine.

  5. Fabulous quilt and I’m looking forward to getting my magazine. I would love to make one. Thanks for figuring out a more simple piecing.

  6. It’s a striking quilt and you did a great job of the re-creating process. I also have a quilt, one I picked up in Des Moines in 1974, that is a pattern I have never been able to identify…You have given me the idea to attempt to replicate it myself.

  7. I love the old and your new one! And yes I’d love to make one, but think I might go a different route with the block, by using half square triangles instead of diamonds…just a thought, wonder if you thought of that? Congratulations on being a cover girl!

    1. Becky,
      I tried to enlarge the picture as much as possible on my IPad and I do not think Jo’s quilt uses any diamonds. I think there are half square triangles, and rectangles with snowballed corners which look like diamonds. It should be fun to do. I think I may try it since I have a lot of reproduction fabrics and this is so pretty.

  8. I just love this quilt! You are so amazing! I can’t wait until mine comes in the mail! A quilt along is a wonderful idea. I hope I can participate.

  9. I have ordered a subscription of this magazine and hopefully, I will get this issue. I just saw my check had cleared so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I get this one. Would love to have a tutorial on anything you want to do.
    Could you give a tutorial on what exactly is deemed as reproduction fabric or include it in one of your blogs? As a beginning quilter, I am not exactly sure what all that covers. Are there certain colors. I know it’s all small prints but that’s about all I know. I probably wouldn’t be able to do your quilt but I sure would love to make a throw or something of a smaller size I could undertake.
    Gosh, I love those pinks and I like it without the border.

  10. Beautiful quilt! I was thinking (until I read your next sentence) I liked yours because it didn’t have those scrappy borders. To me, it was too busy, but when you do yours,I’m sure I’ll think differently.

  11. I received my magazine yesterday and was thrilled to see your quilt on the cover. I loved hearing the back story of the quilt. Congratulations!

  12. I love this quilt, Jo! And congrats on being on the cover. I got my magazine yesterday and looked at your design right away. My next fabric line (6th Street Cottons) would go along with this quilt just perfectly. They are the lighter, brighter side of Civil War reproductions. Can’t wait to see your other antique quilts.

  13. Loved reading this with my morning tea! Such a beauty and a great story to go with it! I know you have wanted to make that other “bright reproduction” quilt for many years—with this quilt I feel you’ve matched that and in your own style! I will be picking this up at the bookstore! Congratulations!

  14. I would love to make this quilt with you and am waiting for my copy to arrive. I don’t understand why subscribers don’t get it before the news stands.

  15. Congratulations!!! My AP&Q came this week and I looked for your quilt right away; I was delighted to realize it was on the cover!

  16. A truly beautiful quilt. American Patchwork wrote a wonderful article on the quilt but about you also Jo. It was nice seeing you get the credit you deserve for what you do in the quilting community. Reading your article last night was my excitement.

  17. Jo, I just love how you always take the time to explain your process when making a quilt. I love all the details and pictures! This quilt is beautiful with the large variety of colors. So glad you got inspired and were able to come up with a way to make it. Also, congratulations on making the cover of the magazine!

  18. Jo, Congratulations on your quilt being on the cover of the magazine. Funny story, when my magazine came in the mail yesterday I was hurry out the door to an appointment and didn’t have time to look at it but I saw the cover and really liked the quilt and thought to myself “That looks like a Jo Kramer quilt”. I haven’t had a chance to look at the magazine yet but here you are telling us about it. I think it is beautiful and love the story behind it. I am going to try to sew along.

  19. My magazine came yesterday, too. The cover quilt caught my eye immediately. I love it. It was fun to see that it was yours. I would like to make it, but have many others that need finished. Thanks for continuing to come up with great designs.

  20. The original is stunning. I understand why you love it. Your reimagined quilt is a reflection of that beautiful and a uniquely new idea. Both are stunning.

  21. Oh, what a beauty! Thanks for sticking with the idea to reproduce this quilt. I love the pink sashing, it is what caught my eye with this quilt. I’m not a blue fan and EVERYTHING is blue these days. So boring. Will have to see if I get a copy of the magazine as my subscription is waning. If not, I will certainly buy one. Thanks again for sticking with this quilt.

  22. You made a gorgeous quilt, definitely cover worthy. I confess I do like the original a tiny wee bit more because of it’s quirks. And it’s difficult to recreate that soft cuddly look that only years can make.

  23. Sharon in California

    Love your cover quilt Jo!!!Im waiting for my February issue to get here,I’ll be making this one . Loved looking at the antique quilt too,the make-do scraps she used make it so interesting . Thanks !

  24. I just received this issue — the first of my new subscription. What a beautiful quilt!
    You did a great job reproducing the feel of the antique quit. I’m going to have to try this one.

    Thank you!

  25. I truly love this quilt and cannot wait for the sew along in January.
    Congratulations on being published in the magazine, You deserve

  26. I also received my magazine in the mail yesterday. They did a good job showcasing your quilt in this issue but I loved reading the backstory in your post this morning. Congratulations!

  27. This quilt is just the perfect scrappy type of quilt! Thank you for re-creating the pattern in a way to avoid the inset seams. That makes it even better! Both the old and the new have great colors!

  28. Love this quilt and will have to go look for the magazine! I also love the original where the maker used up what she had to make the center squares the right size! Make do!! We certainly are fortunate!!

  29. How exciting to make the cover. This is such a cheerful quilt, I imagine you were having fun working on this during Covid. The fabrics are such a beautiful mix of colors. Looking forward to the tutorial next year.

  30. When you teased this quilt recently, I was pretty sure that the cover was your quilt. This will be a fun scrapbuster!
    Congratulations to you and your daughter. And, thank you for discussing the thoughts you have on your process. Always interesting.

  31. Beautiful– your quilt AND the original –Congratulations on being the on the cover too!! Your designs and quilts are amazing– yes you are blessed with such talent. I have so many old quilting magazines & off and on, try to skim through a few-to be able to get them out of here—and just recently a couple of those I grabbed–lo’behold!! There was Jo and her daughter with one of their quilts!! Makes it even more fun.

  32. It’s beautiful, Jo! Congrats on the publication and front page. So fun! I got my copy just before I left for Iowa. Can’t wait to give it a good read. I would love to sew along with you. What a fun opportunity. I hope I can meet up with you. We will see how things go! Hugs!!!

  33. Hi Jo – You have so many pretty quilts published in APQ I had to subscribe to it.
    Great job on the reproduction. Your story about the quilt makes it even more special. I would love to make all of your quilts, I sure have enough scraps.

    1. Finally! American Patchwork and Quilting now knows what we’ve known for a long time — that Jo Kramer is the best quilter! All her fans agree.

  34. Finally! American Patchwork and Quilting now knows what we’ve known for a long time — that Jo Kramer is the best quilter! All her fans agree.

  35. Congratulations Jo!
    I finally started my easy cross stitch kit. Glad I started easy and I felt the temptation to buy more more more! You said no and I paid attention. This is gonna be slow.
    Just remembered why I never too up needlepoint with mum, I am allergic to wool. I am 100% cotton so long I forgot. Moved to the mountains, no pretty wool sweaters for me.

  36. I don’t usually do sew-alongs, but oh my goodness, I love this quilt. I have plenty of repro fabrics, but I think I would also like it in random scraps. I will probably join you for this one. I am going to order the magazine now.

  37. Jo, Congratulations on making the cover of AP&Q. What a striking quilt! I just love the pink sashing. Love that it is made in reproduction fabrics. The original quilt is really a stand-out quilt as well.

  38. Jo, I love this quilt. When I first saw it last week in my digital copy, I immediately checked to see if it was yours. The design just says “Jo Kramer” to me. I guess that’s why you fell in love with it, too. I love everything about it.

  39. Susan from Michigan

    Everything about the quilt is attractive. Congratulations on making the cover of the magazine! Well done, Jo.

  40. Barbara Firesheets

    Congratulations on being a Cover Girl on the latest issue of AP&Q! It’s one of my favorite magazines and I love seeing the quilts made by you and Kelli when you are published. Looking forward to seeing your quilt along posts.

  41. Bonnie Lippincott

    I love the quilt! The pink is really great! I don’t have much reproduction fabric, but I sure do have plenty of fabric to make this.

    I should be getting my magazine sometime soon.

  42. Love it, love it, love it! Great tip on brightening up the CW Repros by staying away from the browns and only using the brighter colors (although I love my repro browns!). I can’t wait for my issue to come in the mail — I want to see if I can make this one completely die cut. Doubt if I’ll have enough clear sewing space at the start of the year to join a quilt along but boy am I tempted!!

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