Where We’re Published: Perfect Match

The latest issue of Quilts and More is hitting the newsstands.  The issue is Fall 2022.

We have a quilt in the magazine!!  YAHOO!!

I think you all might remember this one.  This is the one I tried to sew, and failed, while I was recovering from my thyroid cancer treatment back in January.  It was a mess!!

Here are the images from the magazine (used with permission from Meredith Corporation).

This time around I did something that I’ve always wanted to do…Make a quilt for a little girl and then make a matching doll quilt.  SO FUN!

Here is the doll quilt…

…and here is the larger quilt…
This was made with the Moda Fabric line, The Sea and Me.

Those are the pictures from the publication but I always like my pictures better.

The quilt is pretty simple but Carla’s quilting is AMAZING!!

My friend Carla from Longarm Quilting Inspirations did the longarming for this quilt.  WOW, right??

It really made a pretty basic quilt design pop.

Gannon, my grandson who is three, saw the quilting and he said it looked like spider webs.

I bound it with the same Bella Solid gray.

It was a lovely day when I was taking pictures.

I originally designed this because Quilts and More contacted me and said they were short of quilts for their magazine, did I have any designs?  I sat at the computer and came up with this hoping I could get it out of layer cake.  In general, Quilts and More publishes less complicated designs and this one fit the bill.

I was able to make this with layer cake but it was nip and tuck and I needed every single piece.  Because of that when Quilts and More wrote the directions, they opted to write the pattern using fat quarters.

If you are a frugal quilter, I might recommend getting a layer cake and then buying two more quarter cuts of yardage…but it’s entirely up to you on how confident you feel about your cutting.

This is the backing fabric.

So pretty.  I’m glad it’s home…for a bit.  This one is going to live at Carla, the longarmer’s house.

Of course…this quilt really shines because of Carla’s awesome machine quilting.  She’s amazing!!

Carla machine quilts for several of my blog readers…and not just local people.  She regularly mails quilts to customers.  You can find Carla HERE on her Facebook page.  Even if you don’t need her for machine quilting, she often shows sneak peeks of my quilts and other customer quilts.  I love seeing what she’s working on.

Here is the matching doll quilt.  Carla opted to do straight quilting on this.

Here is the final picture of the spread.  This one has both quilts together.

This was a tough project for me…I had some problems as I sewed it during my cancer treatment.  I will do another blog post and explain what happened.  I’ll save that for another day.

If you have trouble finding the magazine on your newsstand, you can find it HERE on Amazon.

oops.  I almost forgot.  Here’s the Rosie picture.

Have a great day!!

24 thoughts on “Where We’re Published: Perfect Match”

  1. Woweeeeeeeee love this quilt and yes Carla’s quilting is awesome. So glad you got a Rosie picture in, she always looks so calm sitting on your quilts a good sign , I think.

  2. Such a cute quilt. I think it is so nice that you and Carla can do the barter system. Carlas quilting is beautiful!

  3. What a gorgeous quilt! The gray background really sets the other fabrics, and the long arming is amazing. Now I need to find the magazine.

  4. Great quilts and they look simple enough that maybe I could one! Carla did a great job, but I always think you do too.

  5. I really like the gray background on this quilt – it enhances the colors from the layer cake! It looks great and hopefully will inspire others to make a doll quilt along with the bed quilt for fun. You and Carla did a great job – and I’m going to “like” her page now…
    Glad Rosie gave her seal of approval!

  6. Another great quilt. Carla’s quilting really makes a quilt finish amazing. I think it’s great that you 2 share ownership of the quilts you collaborate on. Keep up the good work, both of you.

  7. very interesting quilt ,quite beautiful longarming and then Rosie. TaDa Any updates on Rosie’s classes ?? We thought our classes with our dogs actually created an even closer bond. I was wondering and hoping this for the two of you.

  8. Really is a beautiful quilt–the quilting is amazing —the back is as pretty as front -with that quilting.
    Rosie–happy girl getting her picture taken –she sure is good at the posing!!

  9. It’s so weird lol. I just bought this magazine today, loved your quilt and have read the directions to make it 6 times. They sure didn’t ace writing the directions for this pattern! So, I thought, I’m going to check out Jo’s blog and search what you may have said about your quilt. Lo and behold, that’s your post for today lucky that I am an experienced quilter…I finally just came up with my own piecing directions based on the photos. Thanks for seeing it thru❤

  10. Always looking for a good long arm quilter but I don’t do Facebook so no Carla for me. I am always amazed that people do this, but there you go.
    Cute quilt and I love the matching doll quilt.

  11. Love the quilt, it really shows off the fabrics. And the quilting is show stopping stunning!!! And sweet Rosie
    Is soo cute. She deserves to be on the cover!

  12. How did you cut the layer cake for Perfect Match. Just found the magazine and had bought the layer cake this spring eggnog you were working on it.

  13. Darlynn Venne in Illinois

    Jo, the quilts are great, quilting fantastic but Rosie! She looks so happy. I think her whole attitude has brightened being about to go outside independently. Great job on all fronts

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