Where We’re Published: Rustic Charm

I know I’m super late to be telling you all about this….but…  We had a quilt published in the August issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  The magazine came out about the time that Kramer (my husband) passed away and at the time, we had other things taking up space in our minds.  This is the issue that the quilt is in.…and this is the quilt.

Here is the full layout of the quilt.

…and here is the motif that Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations chose.  Yep..we had Carla quilt it for us.

Here’s a drawn copy of the quilting.

It’s always fun to see our names.

Here’s the pictures of the quilt once I got it home….It’s hanging off of my front porch.  A while back we had strung clothesline cord between two fo the porch posts.  I left it there and continue to hang my quilts from here.  I love it.

This quilt was made entirely from my scrap bucket.  At the time I made this I had just finished up Bonnie Hunter’s Wonky Star quilt.  I loved making the stars and wanted to make “something more”.  I tried to think of way I could still make the stars..but change them up a bit.  That’s when the idea to make split blocks came to me.  I wanted to use scraps so I started playing with the block ideas.
Once I came up with the block, it was time to figure out a layout.  This is what I came up with…  I was the designer and I made the entire quilt.  Kelli helped out with a rough copy of the directions.  
I’d so love to see this quilt done up in brights.  I think that would be fun too.

I did the binding it a small red print.

I didn’t want anything dark to pull the dark color from the quilt.  Being this had a flick of cream in it, I thought it would be good….plus I moved that fabric out of my stash.

The AMAZING quilting was done by Carla.  I took it to her house, I dropped it off and said, “Work your magic!”…and Carla, as always, did.  I think Carla both loves and dreads when I bring a quilt that needs to be quilted for a magazine.  There’s lots of pressure as everyone will see her work…but LOTS of challenge and I think she enjoys that.

She lives up to the challenge EVERY SINGLE TIME.  She does amazing work.  She’s fast too.

I just love looking at all the scraps that made up the quilt and seeing how Carla made them shine.  Some people joke saying the machine quilting is “frosting” a quilt, it truly is.  Carla is a master froster!!

Of all the pictures…these next two are my favorite.  The quilt is getting loved on by the best quilt lovers around….my childcare kiddos.

So many people would take a quilt that was published in a magazine and hold it up as a museum piece.  Not me.  I can always make another.  Pictures like this and moments like this mean so much more to me than the honor of having it published.

For me…a quilt’s purpose is to be loved whether is was published in a magazine or is a simple utility quilt.

If you missed at issue and want to get one, there are back issues of American Patchwork and Quilting  here is the link.  If you’re wanting Carla to frost a few of your quilts, you can find her HERE.  If you need to rent a kid…sorry, these guys are mine!!  If you need a little smile in your day throw a quilt out on the lawn, lay down and look at the sky.  These childcare kiddos have me doing that, and even as a 50 year old, it still holds a lot of appeal.

35 thoughts on “Where We’re Published: Rustic Charm”

  1. Wow – both the top and quilting are fabulous. Jo and Carla, you’ve both made a winner. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations that is a beautiful quilt. The quilting makes the quilt dance. Very nice. I agree quilts should be loved and if they wear out another one can be made. Love the kids on the quilt that really made me smile.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  3. Penny Holliday

    Love your beautiful quilt & the picture of the little kids enjoying it! I also believe that quilts are to be used & loved! Jo ~ Do you have a special quilt that you made for yourself & enjoy using?

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Wow! This quit is as close to fabulous as possible. I like the darks and creams combo. Tell Carla that her “frosting” is a dream to enjoy. Now that quilt is eye candy. The children make it perfect in my eyes. Way to go.

  5. I did notice this was yours when the issue came. I love this quilt is big enough for everyone to pile on it. I was thinking this might be fun as a two color quilt with those split blocks.

  6. love your quilt – I normally do not care for the look of machine quilting as I am a hand quilter but I like how this one was quilted – it isn’t “overly done” if you know what I mean.

  7. Wow! And that doesn’t even begin to express my reaction to this lovely quilt and the quilting! Another for the bucket list. Sigh! That list just gets longer and longer! I’ll never live that long!

    Payers and hugs for all.

  8. Beautiful quilt, Jo! And the quilting is fantastic! I love seeing the picture of all the kids enjoying themselves on the quilt.

  9. Such a terrific quilt what with the traditional look coupled with the stars. So many quilts these days seam to be all sort of the same but not this one!

  10. Jo, this whole post made me smile! Thanks for reminding me it’s the little things in life, I’m off to grab a quilt and look up at the sky with my kids!

  11. The quilt is awesome. I love the scrappiness of it, but oh my, the picture with all the kids lying on it really made me smile. Just fabulous!

  12. Oh how super gorgeous your quilt is…. the design and the quilting is amazing. I absolutely love this post Jo. Love, love love it!

  13. I really love this quilt – the design, the colors, the layout. I hope you don’t mind that I put it on my Pinterest board.

  14. OMGoodness! What a beauty … the pictures of the children enjoying the quilt made my heart sing – you have a rare talent Jo, children and quilts, you can’t go wrong! My little grandaughter recently spotted a small quilt I had made many moons ago which I could tell she loved: pink plus colourful embroidered inserts. By all accounts it has taken pride of place in her little teepee!

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