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Ever stand in the grocery store and suddenly remember something you should have done but haven’t.  Well that happened to me on my latest trip to the grocery store.  It happened as I was looking at the news stand.  See that issue of Quilts and More?  We have a quilt in it!!


Here’s the close up of the cover.


I had intentions of writing this post a bit ago but I lost the piece of paper that had my list of things that I needed to write blog posts about and then it slipped my mind.  That’s how busy I’ve been…

Here’s the quilt.I love, love, love this quilt.


It’s likely my favorite color combination of quilts we’ve ever designed.  This is a good beginner quilt for someone who is ready to tackle more than simple squares….I know, for some of you I can here you saying but it’s doesn’t look easy.  Trust me, it is.    This was made over a weekend.Quilts-and-More-3

Notice in the quilt that there aren’t any white or light neutral colors in it.  I love that look.  Also notice that the fabric prints are big and large bold floral prints.  This is a great quilt to use them in!!

If you’re a long time blog reader or if you own our quilt book, Country Girl Modern, you will recognize this as our Bohemian Rhapsody quilt.

Quilts and More did a fun alternate design…check it out.


This is the Fall 2017 edition of the magazine.  There are lots of other cute, fun and easy projects inside.  I quickly skimmed the magazine.  It’s waiting by my bedside waiting for me to have a little extra time to actually read through it.  Oh what a busy I’m living in…I can’t believe I forgot to tell you that this was being featured in Quilts and More!  It really is on news stands now….my picture showing it at my local grocery store is proof!!

11 thoughts on “Where We’re Published: Quilts and More”

  1. Great quilt, Jo! I love that you can use big scale prints….don’t find too many quilt patters that do….Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This is a fabulous quilt. I do appreciate seeing alternate colorways because color tends to be the first thing I see. Still, I really love your version of this more than the alternate. I try to avoid buying magazines because I have the hardest time letting them leave the house, but I might need this one.

  3. I know I’m about to ask a silly question but… I noticed at the top of the picture of the magazine it said ” Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications” , does this just mean that Quilts and more is a publication made by BH&G’s or that Quilts and more is an actual magazine on it’s one. Also is this pattern actually in your Country Girl Modern? I’m not near my copy of your book to look for myself. At any rate this quilt is on my bucket list now

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