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Have you seen the latest issue of Quiltmaker?  It’s the January/February ’18 issue.  I’ve been starting to get “congratulations” emails from blog readers as they’ve gotten their issue in the mail and seen our contribution.


We have a project in the magazine…this quilt…


Want to see it in full view?


That’s not quite a full view either.  Try this picture.
Kelli and I made this quilt top sometime ago.  After we wrote our quilt book we initially thought we’d write another (we’ve since changed out mind) and we put this quilt together with a second book in mind.  It’s been sitting as top for quite some time.  Finally I finished it and we submitted it to Quiltmaker and they snapped it up.


We made it with a fat quarter bundle of fabric…Horizons by Kate Spain for Moda.


It could easily be made with any scraps though as long as you have three colors.

I first thought to make it up as a baby quilt.  Look at the corner quadrant.  See how that would be a cute baby quilt?


Well then I got thinking what if I made four “baby quilt” sized and put them together.  That’s what we did.  I LOVED the center diamond that formed.


My daughter Kalissa says that the binding should be the darkest color of the quilt.  I tend to agree but made this time, we didn’t order a dark colors when we made this.  UGH.  I wish is would have been the dark teal but that’s okay…it’s not terrible.


The larger green print, also from the fabric line, is the backing.


I tried to get a good picture of the quilting motif.  It’s my standard design.


When the box came from Quiltmaker with the quilt being returned there was a note in the box.


Isn’t that sweet?  We love working with Quiltmaker too!!

I know you all love a Ruby picture at the end of each quilt finish but on the day I wrote this post, Ruby was at the vet….you’ll have to settle for a Carver picture.  He’s equally as cute and doesn’t shed!!


I’m off…I have to start on a quilt for a December wedding.  Mmmmm.  Yep.  Didn’t start it yet nor do I know what I’m going to make.  Ahhhh!!

26 thoughts on “Where We’re Published: QUILTMAKER”

  1. Congratulations on getting published again!!! The quilt is beautiful! I will definitely get the magazine and make this one!!!

  2. I don’t have my copy yet, but I will be watching for it. Another great design,ladies,congrats. I love the fresh colors.

  3. Congratulations! Lovely quilt and I want to get the magazine to check out the interesting design. Bonnie Hunter also shared your quilt on her blog about the magazine issue.

  4. Kudos to you and Kelli on this lovely quilt in Quiltmaker and the cover quilt in American Patchwork and Quilting! What a month for two great designers! You deserve all the praise coming your ur way.

  5. Yes, this quilt is beautiful but it’s your quilt on the cover of the new American Patchwork magazine that made me gasp and immediately say – I have to make that. I can’t wait to see you post full pictures of it on your blog. I don’t think AP did it justice by not showing a good full picture. Great work. I so enjoy seeing your quilts.

  6. The quilt is very pretty. When you suggested it as a baby quilt, I perked up. My daughter is expecting a baby girl in March and she just might like this quilt. I will have to send her a picture and see what she says.

  7. I love the colors and design of this quilt! It’s going on my list and I hope to make it soon. Even though you’ve decided not to write another book, I’m glad you’re still designing quilts to share with others!

  8. Jo, love the quilt. It’s on my list to do and will try it in batiks I think.

    Love to see Ruby on your quilts but shame to say, I love to see Carver even more. He is adorable. Keep the pictures coming. Unfortunately, I don’t have grand kids and am not likely to get them from my own daughter so I love to share your enthusiasm.with your love for Carver.

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