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I’ve know this for a bit now and have forgotten to tell you about it.  We have a quilt published in Quiltmaker Magazine.  It’s the September/October 2018 issue.

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The quilt in the magazine is called Piccadilly Circus.  We didn’t come up with the name….if I was naming it, we’d have called it Luella’s baby quilt as that’s who I originally designed and made it for.  We’re terrible at naming quilts so we were happy they came up with something good.

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This all started with something we made with our 100 blocks block.

Remember that we told you that the magazines write the directions and we don’t have much of a say in how they write them.

Although the directions in Quiltmaker’s 100 Block issue tell you to paperpiece the star points, we actually didn’t.  We did it like this….

I started out with 4 1/2″ and 3 1/2″ squares.


I put the 3 1/2″ square onto the fabric and sewed on the diagonal  Then sewed 3/8″ for that line.  I like having bonus triangles…Then I trimmed the corner off between the two sewn lines.


I pressed to get one bonus triangle and the start of my star points.


I did the same for the next side.


I pressed and my blocks now look like this.  I ended up with bonus pieces again…but forgot them in the photo.


Next I graduated down a size.  I put 2 1/2″ squares on the corners and sewed twice along the diagonal as shown.


I did it to both sides and pressed.  I ended up with this and the bonus triangles.


Next I graduated down a size.  I put 1 1/2″ squares on the corners and sewed ONCE along the diagonal as shown.  Then I trimmed.

That’s how I got my star points.  To create my star blocks.  How cool is that??  It looks like paper piecing but doesn’t have to be.

From there I used the largest bonus triangle as a border triangle and the smaller bonus triangle ended up being the sashing between the blocks.  I can’t remember if I had enough from that only or if I had to make some extras.  Either way, when I made my version, it was all improv.

…but back to the issue.

Bonnie Hunter has a quilt in the magazine too.  I love it and would love to be sewing it now…but alas.  I have my copy of the issue though so at least I can do it someday!!

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If you’re having trouble finding a copy there is one here.  It’s a great issue…how could it not be with both a Jo and Kelli quilt and a Bonnie quilt.  There is another quilt I’d love to make that’s it the issue too.  Ah…so many quilts, so little time!!

If you make one of our quilts, I’d love to see your version. Email a picture to me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net or share it on our Facebook page.


9 thoughts on “Where We’re Published: Quiltmaker”

  1. I’ve had this magazine next to my bed for a while now and the magazine actually turns to your quilt automatically. Oh how I want to pull fabric for this pattern! Such a happy quilt. I cannot wait to try your star point method, thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Another Jo & Kelly quilt to add to my to do list! I am making your Points of Interest quilt now while working on my first Bonnie Hunter leader and ender challenge and having so much fun!! Thank you so much for your blog….I read it every morning while l have my coffee, a great way to start the day

  3. I love how you made the star points since I dislike cutting up the papers for paper piecing, thanks for the directions. I wish my magazine would arrive,

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