Where We’re Published: Quilter’s World

Check the newsstands if you want to see out the latest quilt.  The magazine you’ll want to look for is Quilter’s World, Summer 2021 edition.

Our quilt is called Star Crossed Lovers.  The quilt started out several years ago.  At the time, Quiltmaker had a magazine that came out Spring and Fall call Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks.  They would ask designers to submit 12″ blocks.  Well, this is the block we submitted.

That block stayed on my brain and finally I put it together into this quilt…

It doesn’t look like the same block at all, does it?

Now, it looks like there are stars.  The original block doesn’t looke like stars at all.

We did a little play on this quilt.  Typically when people make a quilt with fat quarters, they have the same background and the fat quarters are used for the colorful part of the quilt…not our quilt.  The red and the blue is the same print.  The background is where the fat quarters were used.  You can see we used a lot of different ones.

We tried to focus on cream to almost goldish fat quarters.  We left the white out.  LOTS of variety was needed to make this look.  Me, I love it.

It was windy when I was trying to get pictures.  The true colors are more like the photo above.

…or the photo below.

Can you believe I did the custom quilting on this??  I can’t.

Here is my backing fabric.  It’s a leftover from back in the day when Kelli and I bought flat fold fabric for $2.99 a yard.

The snow is gone but our grass hasn’t greened up yet.

The red border and the binding match the red in the blocks.

This was a fun quilt to make.  It could easily be modified for a Quilt of Valor.

I’m happy to have this one back home.  I’m not sure but this one might be the raffle quilt for the Firemen’s breakfast next year.

Kelli and I were asked to submit something for this issue as it features mother/daughter quilting teams.

You can see that the photographer for the magazine had the same issues I did trying to get the color of the quilt right.  So, if you get a copy of the magazine, think of the photo above with the lighter backgrounds…not the peachy/gold you see in some of the pictures.

Kelli and I are happy to be working with Quilter’s World.  We love trying new things.

Let us know what you think of the quilt…

23 thoughts on “Where We’re Published: Quilter’s World”

  1. Christina Coats

    awesome quilt , what a delight to work together with your daughter. Maybe in the future it will be with grandchild!!

  2. The first thing I noticed was the quilting on this quilt. I thought your longarmer had done another great job. Then you said you custom quilted it yourself. I’m very impressed! I really love this pattern.

  3. This quilt is beautiful! I am going to look for the magazine this week. I think making a quilt with two colors and a scrappy background is such a great idea. Hopefully, it would help me use up lots of neutral scraps and leftovers. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I love it, it’s perfect. Your longarm quilting is really quite good, I don’t thing you ever need to send out any quilt again. I’m sure if you give it to be raffled off it will bring in a good amount of $$$. I think it’s just beautiful.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous quilt Jo and Kelli!! The quilting you did on it is superb! I thought you had sent it out to your longarmer…LOL
    I will be looking for the magazine this week as well….may even send it to you and Kelli to autograph…..hahaha

  6. Shirley Bartee

    I’m glad you were able to help my friend Judy L. I’ve made several of her quilt patterns. Now I plan on making yours. I’ll be getting it.

    1. Wow! What a amazing quilt! You and Kelli did a beautiful quilt. And your quilting won’t take a back seat to anyone! It’s wonderful!

  7. Beautiful quilt! I will look for a copy this weekend. Thanks! Also, I think the timing may be off on your posts? I read this last night but it says it posted today. Either way, love your blog!

  8. Beautiful quilt Jo and Kelly! Such a good way to make the stars “pop” in this quilt. I also think the quilting makes it first class. Congratulations on another great quilt.

  9. Beautiful quilt. I’m a long time subscriber to Quilter’’s World, so will be looking for my copy in the mail soon.

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, your quilt is gorgeous!!!! The quilting you did must have taken time and more work than normal for long arming. But it’s worth every second you worked on it. It turned a great quilt into extra special . I’m not ignoring Kelly’s input the your is plural. Working with a daughter is a pleasure. I found out years ago when I did a sampler quilt with 7 different patterns. Without her keeping things straight it would have never been done.

  11. Susan from Michigan

    Love the quilt! Please do more quilting videos as you have time. I would like to know your thought process as you move from one area to another. For example, it seems you do not do all the “flower” design, then do all the “echo” design, etc.

  12. This one is a “must do” for me. I am a sucker for anything patriotic! I absolutely love this quilt. Congrats to you both for another winner.

  13. Just like your other quilts, this one is also awesome.loved the backing also. Am sending a special good wishes to Kelli and her twins.

  14. Penny Holliday

    I love your beautiful quilt Jo & Kelly! Great design, fabrics & colors! I especially think your use of the light fat quarter fabrics pack for background is wonderful ! Last but not least ~ the beautiful custom quilting is truly magnificent & impressive Jo! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Margaret in North Texas

    Another beautiful quilt! Your custom quilting is just perfect. Congrats to both of you, looking forward to getting the magazine, love Quilter’s World.

  16. Love your quilt! May have to purchase the magazine this season for two reasons now…the cover quilt was at guild last night with the young lady who designed it! Think I really don’t need any more temptation around here, but those 2 quilts are just about irresistible!

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