Where We’re Published: Making the Connection

Hey-Hey-Hey….Lookie here.  This is our quilt in American Patchwork and Quilting.  This is the August edition and if you are a subscriber, you will likely be getting your copy soon.

APQ0817_CVDigital_600 (002)
This quilt is being featured as their “Sew Giving” project.  American Patchwork and quilting has an feature that I love that includes one quilt in each issue that is “easier” and very friendly for gifting.  They off the quilt in several sizes allowing creators to easily make the quilt to the specification of the charity they are sewing for.

Here is our quilt….Look familiar.  It might if you are a long time blog reader.  We also featured this quilt in our book Country Girl Modern.

APQ0817_CVDigital_600 (002-2

When we heard about the “Sew Giving” feature in American Patchwork and Quilting, we knew this quilt would be a perfect match.  It’s simple, easy and scrappy all at once.  It is made by making two different blocks…best yet, you can make it by only using two charm packs.

APQ0817_CVDigital_600 (002-3

So if you don’t have our book, run to the news stand and get a copy.  It’s a great little easy quilt that is super quick.

Stay tuned.  We have more quilts that will be featured in upcoming magazines.  We’re on a bit of a roll.

7 thoughts on “Where We’re Published: Making the Connection”

  1. So if you don’t have the book Country Girl Modern get it because I have it and love it and because there are a lot more patterns like this one that use scraps and precuts. :)

  2. Love the blue background in this quilt, makes the color pop and the layout speaks “modern” to me. Great quilt, cant wait to get my magazine in the mail.

  3. I spied your quilt when I first flipped through my copy last week. It’s a fun design that could be made for almost any occasion. Thanks for sharing it for their Sew Giving project.

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