Where We’re Published: Bow Tie Bliss

Have you seen the latest edition of Quilter’s World?  If you haven’t, I have some news to share.  Hot off the press is our quilt, Bow Tie Bliss.  Well, actually QUILTS…let me explain.

In the Autumn 2021 edition, our Bow Tie Bliss quilt is featured.  But…we made two versions.  Kelli and I made this quilt some time ago.  We made it under wraps and didn’t share anything about it.  It’s so long ago that I don’t remember which one of us sewed it.  I think Kelli did the large version and I did the small version but don’t hold me to that.

After we made the tops, they just sat.  I couldn’t get the courage to tackle the machine quilting.  I knew I wanted to submit it to a magazine but also didn’t think my machine quilting abilities weren’t up for the task.  We ended up calling on our friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations.

Here are some better pictures…

This is made up of bow tie blocks.

When first looking at it, you might now notice that.

Can you see the inside of the block has a dark burgundy color and the outer background has a cream?

I think the sashing makes it spackle.

This was made from a fabric line called Heart of the Prairie.  We added the burgundy thinking it complemented the line nicely.

This isn’t a fancy quilt…just a block on repeat but I still like it a lot.

Here you can see some of Carla’s pretty custom quilting.

I love the print we used on the backing.

Typical me…I didn’t order enough so I made a pieced backing using up a few of the extra blocks that were made.

I’m a gal that loves pieced backings, even simple ones like this.

I’m so glad that Quilter’s World saw the potential in this quilt and picked it up for publishing as Kelli and I have both loved it.

Here is more of Carla’s custom quilting.

For fun, we made a smaller version making only 20 blocks for this one.

This version is also shown in the magazine.

I actually got brave and did the machine quilting on this one.

I used a variegated pastel thread on the top.

Looking at it, I am still having trouble believing I did the quilting.

Machine quilting is one area of quilting that I really can do okay at but I don’t have the confidence that I should.

I think for me, the hardest part is always coming up with the idea of what to use as a quilting motif.

This was a Moda fabric line.  I can’t remember which.  Do any of you know?  I’m sure someone will ask.  It an older line…that’s my only hint.

It’s been a bit since you’re seen pictures of Rosie.  She’s doing good…busy as ever.  She still keeps me hopping.  I’ve been a little lazy and haven’t been walking her as much as I should.

One last peek.  Which do you prefer…the bright version or the reproduction fabric version?

I think I like them both…Each is so different and one would make them for different reasons.

If you want a copy of the pattern, head to your local newsstand.  If the magazine isn’t there yet, it’s coming soon.  Can you believe it’s a FALL EDITION??  No…I want to keep summer!!

45 thoughts on “Where We’re Published: Bow Tie Bliss”

  1. Fantastic quilts! I like them both, but if I had to really choose, I think it would be the lighter one because it’s summer colours :-)

  2. Love these quilts – there’s so much you can do with blocks, isn’t there? The bright one would be perfect for a little girl but I do love the “fall colors” of the larger one.
    Love and prayers

  3. I love the bright version, although both are very pretty. I bought a charm pack of vintage style fabric and sewed them into 9 patches. Now I’m trying to get them to a charity quilter. Turns out I like to look at the vintage fabric, but not own anything made from it. 30s fabric being the exception lol

  4. Jo, I have a question for you. Are you on Bloglovin’ any more? I haven’t been getting updates and when I went searching, the last post is from 8 days ago. So I went directly to your blog and saw current updates. I did sign up for updates by email but wanted to make sure you know there aren’t updates on Bloglovin’.

    1. We’re working on it. We had to move our site to a new server and in the process, we were lost. We are working on fixing it but it’s a slow fix.

  5. Christine Burch

    Definitely love the repro one. It’s actually on the brighter side for reproduction fabrics, in my opinion.

  6. I love, love the quilt. I saw it in the background of a picture you posted (maybe with T-shirts), and was admiring it so I am so glad to hear about it. I definitely like the darker one with reproduction fabrics, but both are beautiful! Your quilting is beautiful too.

    1. I prefer the smaller version. I LOVE the quilting you did on it. It really added to the quilt. I especially like that you quilted in the sashings. You do beautiful quilting! Luckily, Quilter’s World is one of the two magazines I still subscribe to. I was so happy to see your quilt in this issue.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      I’m getting that magazine asap. Both quilts are so lovely. My pastor’s wife does bowtie quilts. She will like a new layout idea. Me i have 2 little boy quilts to make and have been unsure of what pattern to use. This is going to be fun.

  7. So cool! I love it when it takes me a bit to figure out how a block is made! The bright quilt fabric is an older line from Me & My Sister by Moda—I only know because I just used the green you used for the border as a binding last week

  8. While I love both, my eyes lit up at the lighter quilt. I am amazed at your long arm skills, you did a beautiful job on that quilt! Congratulations on getting published.

  9. I love both of them, but the darker is my favorite. You should be so proud of yourself for being published, the quilting on the lighter one and just being you Jo. You don’t give yourself enough credit for everything you do.

    1. Ginny they are doing so good. The mini trailer has been blooming since I got it and the other has a blossom that should open in the next few days. SO FUN!! Thanks again.

  10. Teresa NEWLAND

    I love the quilting you did on the smaller quilt! Did you video it? Did you break thread on every block or was it a continuous design? Absolutely beautiful quilts. Good job!

    1. I wasn’t doing videos when I quilted this. I figured out how to do continuous stitching on the block only but all of the sashing had to be done with starting new.

  11. Sherry Whalen

    Those are both lovely quilts! Good job on the quilting – I agree that the hardest part of quilting is trying to figure out WHAT to quilt on the piece. I so admire someone who can just look at a quilt and know how to ‘frost’ it.

  12. Love these quilts! I like the darker colors, and the quilting is absolutely beautiful on both.
    Good job ladies!

  13. Each of your quilts is lovely and unique! The quilting is beautiful on each as well, you did an amazing job of choosing the design to use for the quilting on the smaller quilt. You should be proud of both! I am going to purchase the Quilter’s World Magazine for sure. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I like both quilts but I think I like the darker one best. The quilting is beautiful on both. You did a great job. You shouldn’t sell yourself short. I love how you swirled around the little squares. Your Rosie is such a cutie. I’m sure she’s a handful but worth it. I’m going to be looking for this magazine.

  15. Susan from Michigan

    I love the quilting on the smaller quilt! People like me would pay to have that done. Great job, Jo (and Kelli). You are so talented.

  16. Brenda Furlong

    I subscribe to the magazine and was thrilled to page through and see familiar faces a few days ago when it arrived. I love the burgundy and blue combination. It is deep and rich – almost royal. Congratulations on having it published. I had to really look twice to see the bow-ties. I would love to do this one but I am a beginner and don’t think I could keep everything straight. I might just make a wall hanging and see how it works out. Thanks so much for all your beautiful work!

  17. Just curious, wouldn’t you make more money selling as a PDF? Do you ever retain the rights to the pattern to post/sell instructions at a later date? I typically don’t by magazines but would love a lot of your patterns. And yes I bought your book. :)

  18. Both beautiful! Your quilting on the light colored one is stunning. Hope you show us more of your quilting in future to inspire us! : )

  19. Congratulations on this quilt going to Quilter’s World!! They are both beautiful– colors are lovely in both–but colors of the 1st quilt are the ones that always have a “pull” for me. You did a lovely job with the quilting!! Love the pattern used on 1st one!!
    I had the same questions –what happened to your blog being on the Bloglovin’ site!!! After 8 days -I had to find your blog elsewhere. Couldn’t stand it!! Rosie—looks like such a sweetie. Makes me want a Beagle of my own again. Had 3 and a 4th was part of my life as a live-in nanny. The stories I could tell about Bing #2 –he was a wanderer–would go as far as 10 miles away! 1st Bing always knew when I needed her close–I had terrible migraines, so she would cuddle as close as possible! Your Rosie, stirred up a lot of memories!

  20. I had to really look hard to see those bow ties! Very nice! Carla’s quilting is really nice, but I think I like your whimsical swirls even better!

  21. Ginny Andersen

    Love this quilt pattern! Both are drawing me in for different reasons. The light & bright one feels like a baby quilt that I am needing to get going on. The repro is beautiful and has a very elegant feel. I need to find this mag very soon!

  22. Some reproduction quilts can be so dark and somber, but not yours. The combination of light and dark fabrics give it a very festive look. I would love that one for my king size bed. I can see the bright one for a little girls room. It’s also gorgeous.

  23. One more thing…you don’t give yourself enough credit for your quilting. Your design truly fits the fabrics in the quilt. You did a fantastic job.

  24. Congratulations! Beautiful quilts. I’m usually a reproduction gal but I really like your bright one. Your quilting is beautiful! Margie/TN

  25. I know my comment doesn’t apply to this article but I can’t find another place to ask this question. I had read your post when you were redoing your sewing room. Now I can not find the articles. What I am interested in is the storage boxes you used. I know there was a link to it but as I said now I can’t find anything. Can you please provide the link.

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