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YAHOO!! We have a new published quilt to share with you. You will need the June 2023 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting if you are interested in making the quilt…or just having a copy of the magazine. My aunt just collects all of the magazines I have quilts in. I think that’s so sweet…she thinks I’m famous. HA!! I love small town life.

This is the picture from the magazine. American Patchwork and Quilting always shares a few photos with me. Here is our quilt…

I always think they do a great job with pictures and layouts…

I especially like how they are stylizing quilts in more modern looking houses. It makes it seem like the quilts can fit into any style of living.

But…as much as like them, I still like the pictures of the quilts hanging from the porch on my house.

Here is the back story on the quilt…

American Patchwork and Quilting contacted me and asked me to design something for their 30th anniversary. I was going to pass and then Kalissa said- Mom, really? They asked you. You need to do this!

I half forgot about it and then all of a sudden I remembered the deadline was a day or two away. Crap.

The night before I had been looking through an old quilt magazine from the 80s. It was a miniature magazine meaning all the quilts featured were more table toppers or wall hangings. In the magazine was a orange peel pattern. I gee…that’s a quilt I haven’t made before. It can’t be too hard, after all, I’ve made three double wedding ring quilts. Why not make one sometime?

With that in mind from the night before…and then me being reminded about the deadline, I meshed the two together and thought I’d make an orange peel quilt. Hmm. That’s not really a “designed” quilt. What could I do to make it my own? That’s when I thought about string piecing part of it…and this is what I came up with.

These were my test blocks. This is what I sent in as my submission. I didn’t know if they would take it as I couldn’t really submit a design. I didn’t know how to graph it and Eli my grandson had toppled my desk top over and I lost EQ in the process.

I ended up hearing back from them. They were excited for the design. At the time I said I wanted to make it queen sized. They said they were more interested in a lap sized. I said sure.

A lot of pinning went into this quilt. Here was Gannon helping me one day.

Kalissa was in town with me one day. I had taken the paper templates to town to have some plexiglass templates cut. She was amazed with the process and asked me if she found someone to make them, did she mind if she sold templates for the quilt. I said no. I handed off a copy of my paper template and she worked her magic. These are the templates she came up with…

You can buy a template set from her Etsy shop. HERE is the link. I believe they are $18 a set…totally worth it.

By the time I got the top together, I was ready to be done with the project. I decided to send the quilt to my friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations.

Carla did AMAZING work on this…AMAZING. See all those lines in the red section? All of those are quilting lines. The quilt looks GREAT!!

I was a HAPPY CAMPER the day this one was photographed and sent in the mail…

If you all are interested, I’d be happy to film a video and do a little “how to” make the quilt. I won’t make the quilt again but I can show you how to string piece the sections and attach them to the red centers. I don’t mind doing that if you’re interested.

So WHEW…I am getting closer to completely checking this quilt off my list. The easy and fun part of making the video, if you want one, is all I have left to do. Then it will be a wrap!

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  1. Barbara Yarnell

    Yes, please make a video! I got the templates and am excited to make the quilt but curved piecing is always a challenge.

    1. I would love to watch a video! Have the templates and it is nice to visually watch you cut and put one together. So glad that Kalissa had some templates made for us to get!!

  2. I would love to see a how-to video, especially on the curve piecing. I am string piecing now and am excited to use my new acrylic templates. Thanks for a fun new squirrel project.

  3. I have asked before and missed the answer. Can you measure the petal template point to point and tell me the size. I like figureing out what size of quilt to make and this measurement would help me. Thank you.

  4. OMG – the quilt is beautiful. With the string piecing, you are giving Bonnie H a run for her money, just kidding. You don’t give yourself enough credit as a quilt designer, I have yet to see one of your designs that I don’t want to make for myself. I know your life is full, but keep being creative, you have a great colorful way of designing unique quilts that speaks to my traditional quilting heart.

  5. Barbara Borglum

    I would certainly watch you video! I purchased the templates from Kalissa and I receive the magazine, so would very much like to put this together!

  6. I saw that as soon as I got my issue. Very pretty. It looks a lot like a double wedding ring. Maybe fatter “footballs”?? I have loved APQ, but I’ve decided to stop my subscription when mine runs out. So I’ll look forward to you posting when you have more published. APQ is one of my last ones that I have left that I’ve subscribed to. I just have so many I’ve collected over the many years. Guess my kids will have a lot to sell on eBay some day, lol.

  7. Love the quilt! I already bought the templates and wonder did you use paper foundations? Thanks so much! I love your quilts and your blog.

  8. I’d love a video too! This is a very cool quilt. The quilting reminds me of the psychedelic drawings of the 60’s. I love strip quilts!

  9. Gail Chouinard

    I would love if you made a video on this quilt pattern. I am intimidated to start this but think the finished product would be so worth it.

  10. I bought the templates from Kalissa’s store, so I would love (greatly appreciate) a video that would help me understand how to do them. You are a savior!

  11. Barbara Firesheets

    I was so excited to see your quilt featured in the June issue! Your quilt is stunning – LOVE that beautiful red background! I would love to see a video of sewing a block together and attaching one row to another one.

    Love your Red, White, and Oooh quilt from 2014 that was also in the article.

  12. Congrats on another published quilt! I got my magazine in the mail today and SURPRISE, there you two were! So of course I read the article. Well done! :)

  13. Pamela Dempsey

    Oh, miss Jo, I love it! I’m so glad I ordered Kalissa’s templates and my magazine came yesterday ! Please make the video

  14. I love that quilt! I would love to see a video also. Must get the templates to make things easier. I love the way your mind works Jo, it just amazes me. Oh I can come up with ideas, my problem is to actually make it! Lolo I am so behind on grand children quilts, my kids don’t have their quilts to date. And the grands keep giving us new Greats! Lolo Maybe ifI can wait until age 110 I might get it all,done. I will be 77 before this year is out! Lolo but hey another quilt to begin, I am there!


  15. Pamela Dempsey

    Oh, miss Jo, I love your new quilt! I’m so glad I bought the templates already and the magazine came yesterday . Yes, please, would love a video, thanks!

  16. Yes, please show us a video and any tricks for sewing the curved pieces. I have the templates and I want to make this one. Love the top quilting from Carla, wow!!

  17. Love that Jo. It’s no wonder why they publish your quilts. I have to try and find the magazine. So happy for you

  18. I enjoy curved piecing, but having your video would make the whole process easier for making this quilt! Thank you for offering to take the time to make a video. It’s such a great design!

  19. Yes, please make a video showing the strip piecing! I love that quilt pattern, and the story about how it all fell together. I will be ordering the template set, what a great idea!

  20. Beautiful quilt! Got my magazine just the other day and will have to put it on my “to make” list. Also noticed that you have another quilt published in the May/June issue of Quiltmaker. Don’t recall you mentioning it, but may have missed that post. Congrats!

    1. Hi Joyce…I didn’t tell you because I had no idea they republished the quilt. I have an upcoming blog post explaining it all.

  21. Hi JO!, that quilt is stunning. i noticed that Carla quilted the crosshatch, some squares this way, and some of them that way. do you know if there was a reason, it looks wonderful and i’m wondering why !!!!!thanks so much for all you share.

  22. I had seen your quilt in the magazine just yesterday. I fell in love with it right away!! I’d love watching you on a video. That would be great. Hugs,

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