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You might remember back in June I needed a baby boy quilt for Hubby’s niece’s baby.  It was a boy and as always when in comes to boy quilts, I’m always flustered.  I don’t want anything remotely girlish at all!!  I ended up making a scrappy modern looking baby quilt with gray and primary colors.   Seeing made me think that it was good enough to submit for publication….the only problem, if I sent it out, I wouldn’t have a quilt to gift. I had enough scraps for a second baby quilt so I make another.  The second was more free form than the first.

I sent the pictures of the two quilts in deciding that I’d let the magazine pick which quilt they wanted if they decided to choose one of the quilts.  The did pick one…They picked the first one I made and it is being featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Quilts and More.

We were in tight deadline to get this one out so I gave it to my friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations to do the quilting.


As always, we were impressed with Carla’s work.  She was so great to squeeze our quilt into her schedule.

I ALSOLUTELY LOVED making this quilt.  I opened up my bag of solid scraps and was quilting in no time at all.

Quilts and More worked up their own rendition of our quilt.  I always love seeing the alternate color options that the magazines offer!  Check it out….

The magazine is just coming to news stands now so you can start being on the lookout.  I thought I would include my even more scrappy version that ended up being gifted to Hubby’s Great nephew.



If you want to read more about that version, you can read this post.  This uses the same technique only more scrappy and this one has no corner stones.  I think it’s fun to see more options.

Check your news stands, it is either there or will be arriving soon! I gotta say, I’m excited to see this one come back.  I have a boy baby quilt ready to gift!!

13 thoughts on “Where We are Published: Quilts and More”

  1. I am the same way about baby boy quilts, I don’t know why I get so flustered about them!! This one turned out great, can’t wait to get the magazine.

  2. Congratulations on getting published again!!!!! I love both your versions but not so much the magazine’s. It is too light in color; bright baby quilts are what I prefer!!!

  3. Its a great quilt and I love your use of grey in the original. I don’t get this magazine but I will go buy this issue to have your pattern. Congratulations!

  4. I love the second version you did with no corner stones. The magazine’s version in my opinion does nothing to enhance your pattern. I would never pick that quilt to make looking at their fabric choices. You did a much better job.

  5. I love both versions you made of your quilt. However, the version the people at quilts and more made did not impress me at all. There was no contrast, the quilt just faded away. It may have been more appealing if they had used a color rather neutral for the background.

    I love your blog. It arrives on my email around 6 pm. I always look forward to reading and staying abreast of the happenings in your life. I have pared down my reading of blogs, in the past I read so many that I was online for far too long everyday. I totally backed off reading blogs then about six months ago I started reading Bonnie Hunter again, then you, then Kevin the Quilter. I’m quitting at 3. Keep blogging I enjoy keeping up with you and your family.

  6. I love this quilt and your version far more than the magazine’s. You’ve taught me that cornerstones and/or one common color in each block pulls all the scrappy confusion together and gives the eye a place to rest amidst the chaos. So happy for you that you were published again!

  7. Kiry Kirkpatrick

    I saw this quilt yesterday and didn’t realize it was yours until I read this post! I love the quilt – I marked it with a post-it flag as a “must try”. Thanks for creating.

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