Where We are Published: Primitive Quilts and More

Have you seen the issue of Primitive Quilts and More?  Specifically the Spring 2019 edition?

You might want to check it out.  We have a quilt in that issue.  It’s called Farmstead Gathering.

The picture in the magazine is a little dark.  I think our photo is a little more like the true colors.

I designed this last year at about this time.  I had seen a fabric line that I really loved.  It’s Farmhouse Living by Jeanne Horton.  To me, it didn’t look so “fabric line like”.  The colors blend WONDERFULLY like a fabric line but the prints seemed more different than most fabric lines.

I wanted a simple design…something that had a cabin feel to me.  Something that would work well for a person who was decorating in the farmhouse style.

This is what I came up with…simple half square triangles with a fun unexpected border.  See?At the time, mine and Kelli’s schedules were both a little hectic so we called my friend Connie and asked her if she would be interested in sewing to together for us and she was!

I got it back in July and had to have it to them in August.  Here’s a view so you can see the quilting motif I used.

I’m SUPER happy with how the quilt turned out.  It is exactly what I had in mind.
Lucky for all of you…Carolyn and Diane, friends of ours, who operate Forest Mills Quilt Shop in Postville, are offering a kit for the quilt.  Here is the ordering information:

To order a kit for quilt top and binding for $125 ppd (Iowa residents $133.75 ppd.), contact Forest Mills Quilt Shop, 650 Forest Mills Road, Postville, IA 52163; (563)568-3807, forestmillsquilts.com  If you’re looking for a copy of the magazine I think the gals have them as well.  I think that’s a great price for the quilt kit.

Thanks to Connie and Kelli for helping bring this quilt to life.  It’s a pretty one…  Sometimes simplicity is its’ own beauty.

13 thoughts on “Where We are Published: Primitive Quilts and More”

  1. I love it and congratulations on the pub! I was showing quilts on my phone to a woman at the doctor’s office yesterday and realized they were all Bonnie quilts with tiny pieces and thousands of them. Scrappy and tiny, guess I am hooked. Your quilt is great for a beginner as well or anyone who wants something quick!

  2. Really a fun “farmhouse” quilt. Looks like one my grandmother would have made from all the old shirts from around her house. She always made her quilts from fabric scraps or old clothes. Handmade with flannel batting. There was even a quilt made from old wool suits. Very heavy and very warm. This is a good design choice for these prints!!

  3. Congrats on your published quilt! Love the quilt design, fabrics & colors! Simple but really unique, especially the border! Would like to make!

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