Where We are Published: Pre-Cut Patchwork

Did you all know that that magazine Quilting Quickly, a Fons and Porter entity, has changed its name to Pre-Cut Patchwork?  I didn’t until we had one of our quilts published with them.

A few years ago we made LOTS of precut quilts.  In the last year or two, we haven’t made nearly as many.  When I cleaned out my sewing room, there were lots of bags of leftovers from precuts.  What’s a girl to do with them?

Some scraps blend easily with others…but other scraps, they don’t blend the best.  That was true of this batch of leftover pre-cut scraps.

That’s when I got the idea to sew the pieces of fabric together and make “slabs” of fabric.  Then I tried to come up with a simple design that would use those 3 1/2″ slabs.

This is what I came up with…

It’s not a fancy quilt but I am completely in love with it.  One reason…I feel like the quilt was a “make something from nothing” quilt.

The size of the quilt was dictated by the amount of scraps I had and blocks I could make.   If you look closely at the picture you can see the the fabrics are pieced together making square and triangles.

At one point I didn’t have enough of scraps left over from the precut so I dug through my other scraps and found a few greens and teals that would work….still the bulk of the quilt came from the leftovers of the pre-cut.

If you’re wondering the quilt that we made with the original pre-cut was this…

Here’s a diagram of the quilt.  I made if for Kalissa’s best friend from high school when she graduated.  That was back in 2013.  The scraps have languished here.

This was a Moda Bake Shop pattern so it’s a freebie and you can find it HERE.

The alternate block in this is a scrappy neutral nine patch.  One of our blog readers sent a bunch of neutral fabrics and I cut them up and used them on this.  THANKS!!  The neutrals were perfect.  I worked to use ones that were more tone on tone and only varied slightly in color.

It was SUPER windy when I tried to take pictures.  I was a little challenged.

The backing fabric was gifted to us to by the gals at Forest Mills Quilt Shop .

The pretty fabric didn’t show up the best in the photo though…

I tried to get a picture with Ruby and she wasn’t cooperating the best…here she is liking her lips….oh Ruby.

I was both happy and sad with the layout of the magazine pattern and write up.  I love the column on the left.  I wrote that and it was included in the magazine word for word.

What the magazine didn’t include was anything about our blog.  There is no other acknowledgement of us except for our name.  UGH.  One of the reasons we submit to magazines is the hope of getting more blog readers.  When we’ve had quilts featured before it will say our names and then give the address of our blog.

The amount we get paid is not much.  $325 was promised for the rights for this quilt.  Getting a few more blog readers out of the deal is more what we are after.  I was lucky and could make the quilt from donated backing, leftover fabrics and gifted neutrals so I didn’t have much money into the quilt.  If I had bought all the supplies….I would have made very little on the quilt…honestly, it would not have been worth our time.

Add a little more sadness to the project….FW Media the publishers of the magazine sent me a notice regarding bankruptcy.  I didn’t think much of it until I realized that I haven’t been paid by them for this quilt yet.  UGH.  I have an email out to them as we speak but I’m wondering now if I’ll get anything out of it at all…

I wrote and asked about getting paid.  Here is what I was told,

Hi Jo,
I’m so sorry, but due the Chapter 11 filing it seems some payments were stopped before they could be paid out. Please see below the letter from our Controller. There is a link where you can file a claim, I suggest you do so as I’m unsure when funds may be released for our Contributors. I apologize that I don’t have more information than this letter at this time. This was news to us as well. We hope to have updates in the next couple of weeks.”

I keep getting emails from the company asking for submissions but I’ll submit nothing more until I get paid for this one.  Always something else to deal with.

For those of you wondering- This would be McCalls Quilting, For the Love of Quilting, and Quiltmaker plus any of their other supplemental magazines.  Until they figure out what they are doing, I personally wouldn’t put and money subscribing to or submitting to them.  There is no guarantee of payment..or of getting your magazine.

In the meantime….enjoy the quilt!  I have to say, it really was a fun one to make and really, that’s all that counts.

19 thoughts on “Where We are Published: Pre-Cut Patchwork”

  1. Love your quilt Jo! Yes I have lots of scraps left over from precuts too! Your quilt would use up a lot of them! That’s a shame that you didn’t get paid! What a hassle! I quit subscribing to quilt magazines years ago. So many times there wasn’t one quilt in the magazine that I wanted to make. Now I just look through issues and buy the magazine on whether there is a quilt I want to make! I sure hope you get paid!!!

  2. Love both these ideas. I also saw your quilt in Am. Patchwork. I need to go quilt the one i finished at retreat. Love your book.

  3. I love your quilt, Jo. I too love to make something from nothing, plus I’m able to clean up up fabric that was just laying around! Congrats on a beautiful quilt. I sure hope FW Media gets things straightened out and you get paid.

  4. I love this quilt and I hope to find the magazine and get to see more of the layout. I do hope they pay you for it, what a shame. I buy so few magazines anymore since I have a lifetime of patterns that I hope to make.
    Keeping all of you in my prayers, I do keep up with the blog but have been to busy to respond to much lately. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. I love the quilt! As far as getting paid…if you don’t get paid then I would assume they do not have the rights to the quilt. Do they have the actual quilt? Do you get it back? I love Ruby’s tongue. :) Pam

  6. I love this quilt too. So sorry you have one more thing tio deal with. On the 80’s, I was thrilled to be chosen for creating 1 of a kind clothing for a new specialty shop in a quaint, upcoming area. I sewed my heart out and created quite a few cute blouses to be sold on consignment. We were very low income at the time and this would be a way to help out financially. Well, several months passed and I never heard from them. Their phone wasn’t working either. We drove 30 or so miles to the shop and discovered they had closed shop and kept all profits and/or clothes, leaving no way to contact them.

  7. Hi, Jo! That is so wrong that they can publish your quilt yet not pay you (yet). Hopefully you will get what you are due. Sadly, I had recently renewed my subscription to Quiltmaker before the bankruptcy reports came out. Wishing I hadn’t done that. Boo.

  8. Remember this is the same company that publishes the magazines listed. I would NOT renew any subscriptions as they may not be publishing future issues. Buyer beware.

  9. Is there anyway we could buy the pattern from you? I would like the pattern, but don’t want to give money to a bankrupt company.

  10. Maxine Corimski

    To Jo and all her family! Have a very Blessed Easter, knowing that at the end of al our days our Blessed Lord will catch us in his Loving Arms.

  11. So sorry to hear of your latest wrinkle. May your Easter be filled with family and friends and blessings from above!

  12. I understand your frustration and concern. Love your pictures of the girls and of Gannon. And the story of Gannon nursing made me laugh. When our oldest daughter was born back in 1970, my parents were living in Afghanistan. We actually sent them a tape of Rebecca crying and nursing — she was a very loud nurser.

  13. LOVE this quilt!! I made a quilt with that fabric years ago and also gifted it as a grad present. Sad that you didn’t get paid for your quilt yet and a bit alarmed as I have a subscription to McCalls. :-(

  14. Let me get this straight…they are not paying for quilt patterns they have already published and yet they are still soliciting new submissions? That’s unethical and reprehensible!

    Jo, I hope you get paid for your published pattern! If not, they broke their contract and it is once again yours! Thank you for alerting your readers. I am spreading the word to my guild sisters to be wary.

  15. Both your quilts are beautiful – I especially love the scrappy one. I’m so sorry you weren’t paid for the first one and I can understand your anger. I do hope you get paid. Praying it comes through for you.
    Thank you for all you have done for us. You have been so generous with your time and free patterns for us.

  16. Jo, you’re on the list of creditors for the F + W bankruptcy proceedings. One lady, an author, in the comments did say though that authors most likely wouldn’t get paid (grrrrrr). Don’t know if that would include design contributors or not. A sad situation.

  17. could you pls tell me how I can get a subscrition to pre-cut patchwork as well as any issues from August onwards. The local book store no longer has it.

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