Where We are Published: McCall’s Quilt Quilts

Have you seen this issue of McCall’s Quilt Quilts?

It is the October/November issue.  We have a quilt in the magazine!!

I made this quilt early January of this year and immediately sent it off for publication.  I’m not a bit time Halloween girl but this…I LOVED.  It was one of the most fun quilts I have ever made.

I had gotten lots of Halloween fabrics from blog readers and decided it was time to used them up.

I raided my scrap bins and pulled every piece of orange, printed neutrals and black fabrics I had.  It was all fair to use.  It was vibrant!!  I loved it with all it’s scrappy goodness.

Then about a month ago I got an advanced copy of the magazine.  I almost didn’t recognize my quilt.  The pictures seemed dark.  Where was my vibrant quilt?  Had I remembered it wrong?

Well…these two close up pictures looked more like my quilt…but still I felt like something was missing.

Then on Halloween day my quilt came back via UPS.  I was hesitant to open the box.  Seriously, I didn’t want to be disappointed when I saw it.  But….I wasn’t.  My quilt was fun.  My quilt was vibrant.  It was exactly the way I remembered it.  The childcare kiddos LOVED it!

Look…They found the pumpkin.

…and there was a monster!  They had so much fun looking at all the wonderful scrappy pieces.  I did too!!

See the pictures…MUCH more vibrant than the magazine spread.
Aren’t those neutrals so fun.  I used to not like neutrals.  Now, I think they are my favorite!!

Carver insisted on sitting on the quilt for a picture.  Ruby did too.  But neither one of them would cooperate.  The chips Carver had didn’t help either.

Finally after several pictures, I gave up and called this one good enough.
I love the border and the change up of colors.

The binding fabric was PERFECT.  It’s black with multi-colored diamonds.  If I am back through Oelwein anytime soon, I plan to get some more at LouAnn’s.
When you look at the pictures…check out above pictures and below picture.  Look.  You can see that the quilt fades out and loses it’s vibrance when the picture isn’t close up.  Now I understand the magazine photos better….

The backing was fun.  I got the all of it from blog readers.  There wasn’t enough white so anything big and black got sewn together.  I don’t think I have a square of Halloween fabric left in the house!!

This would make a great patriotic quilt by changing up the orange for red and the black for blue.  Hmmm.

All I can say is that this was one of my favorite quilts to make.  I truly was a scrap buster.  If you have 1 1/2″, 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″ scraps…this is the quilt for you!!

This one will have to wait until next year to be displayed.  It came a couple days too late to really be appreciated.  If you’re looking for a fun Halloween quilt to make, grab your copy off the newsstands.

19 thoughts on “Where We are Published: McCall’s Quilt Quilts”

  1. Love this quilt. Great planning of design and fabric selections-you are amazing. Seems like a large quilt too. Congrats on yet another published design. Way to go girls!

  2. It’s a little blurry, but I think there’s an error in the cutting instructions. It says to cut 27 – 2 1/2 X WOF and also 64 – 2 1/2 X WOF black fabrics. I assume the 64 strips should be 1 1/2 X WOF. Love the quilt, and I’m thinking Christmas fabrics! I’ll be on the lookout for the magazine. Thanks for creating another great quilt!

  3. Great quilt! By changing the colors you could make it for any holiday or season , or special occasion. Great pattern jo. I am going to get the magazine and go for it. Thanks,

  4. That’s a great quilt. Love the way you made the borders using the same block, the orange alternating with the black really makes the border stand out. I’m not a Halloween fan either but this quilt works for me. I can see why the children enjoyed looking at it closely – the joy of scraps!

  5. Phyllis Singler

    Wow wow wow!!! I LOVE that quilt. I worked three months on a Halloween quilt for my daughter and delivered it to her on a Saturday last month and her house burned down on Monday nightI’m a beginner quilter. I don’t have the heart to see if maybe it survived. A devastating night for sure

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quilt, Jo! Just bought the digital edition. Love this colorway, but it would look great a lot of different ways.

  7. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Now, I guess I’ll have to go out and get the magazine. Really cute use of strips, which I have copious amounts of. A great scrappy quilt.

  8. What a fun quilt and I like the idea of changing out the Halloween for some other color way Now I need to buy the magazine. Great quilt

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