Where We are Published: Homestead

Here is our latest project…Homestead.

You can find it in the May/June 2018 issue of McCall’s Quilting.

I came up with this quilt last summer.  Hubby’s great niece was getting married and wanted a neutral quilt.  Hmmm…I never quite know what that means.  For me it means something in creams, tans, light grays….taupe fabrics are perfect for this.  I had a bunch left over after I made Ariel’s Wedding Quilt which is a free pattern of ours.  (Find it over on right hand column of the blog.)


I thought I’d make a different quilt using the same fabrics for Amber.  I think these quilts go great for those decorating in the Vintage Farmhouse style.

So this is the quilt I came up with.

I did straight line quilting on it keeping with the simplicity of the design.  I love it for this quilt…don’t you?


When I was making it, the deadline was approaching and I didn’t have time to get to town to get all the same colored background so I stepped out of my box and used what I had.  So that’s why there are all the different shades of muslin.  I ended up LOVING the look of the various backgrounds and what a great way to use up scraps of muslin.  I’m sure you have some muslin scraps lying around.

Before I gifted it I quickly snapped some photos and sent it off to be considered for publishing.  We didn’t get an answer right away.  That happens from time to time.  Then Kelli decided that being Jason’s sister was getting married, she’d make the same quilt for them….so just as Kelli was finishing that quilt, the magazine contacted us and they wanted the quilt for publication.  Oh my.  We needed more fabric.   Kelli had used much of what we had.  Finding taupe fabrics isn’t easy.  Not many shops carry them.  We ended up getting ours at Quilted Twins the online fabric store.  They have great little fat quarter bundles.   They recently restocked so if you’re in the market you can find them here.

So in a matter of two months, we make THREE of these quilts.  Here is the magazine version….

Here’s the full layout view.

It was a simple quilt to make….I was actually VERY amazed with how simple it is yet how good it looks.  Ruby almost blends into the quilt…HA!

I really do like this and am happy with the work we did on it.  The magazine in the stores now…get one if you’re inclined.

Here’s Carver checking out the magazine at Hobby Lobby.

9 thoughts on “Where We are Published: Homestead”

  1. I have to run out and get this magazine, not just because your quilt is in it, but because it has a Log Cabin quilt on the front. I love making log cabins because it is really fast strip quilting. But I’m thinking maybe I could take your pattern and sew strips together and then subcut them into a series of squares. It won’t look as random as yours, but I think it would still look good. Happy Friday!

  2. Beautiful quilt! I’ll have to go get that magazine – I have boxes of colorful scraps that would work really well with this pattern. Thanks!

  3. Love this one! Usually I’m a bright colors kind of girl, but this quilt really speaks to me! Now that you two have made three, any chance you’ll ever make it again? ;)

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